30 May 2006

Laughin' in Laughlin

I can check one more item off my "to do before i die" list:
-Go to Laughlin. CHECK!

OK, so that really wasn't on my 'tdbid' list. But, I went anyway. Conkey and I decided that our summer of whims (whimsical summer?) would start well if we went somewhere totally new and crazy... on a whim.

So, where can you go on Memorial Day Weekend when you can't leave town for the whole weekend? Jump on I95 and drive an hour and a half southwest and find yourself in the town of Laughlin, Nevada. ps- Don't bother stopping in Searchlight to visit the Historical museum because it'll most likely be closed.

Situated just north of Laughlin is Davis Dam. Best to start here. If it's Memorial Day weekend and you go to look at the dam (cuz' you just know it's just going to be so dam fun! Sorry, had to say it) don't be shocked to find millions of people 'parking lot camping' on the banks of the river and riding wave runners up and down the river. Yes, it is an awe-inspiring sight so, be sure to pull you car off to the side of the road (and don't worry about signaling because there won't be any other cars there) and then you can take all the photos you need.

We made our way into town and thought a drive through would be appropriate so that we could see exactly what we were working with. Be assured- Casino Drive is stunning*. We couldn't figure out how to get across the river without backtracking so we gave up, flipped a U-turn and headed back towards the action.

As thrilling as Laughlin is I have to admit that the outlet shopping was my favorite.

This is what finding, trying on and not buying an awesome pair of Ariat Fatbaby boots looks like:

I found some great last season clothes at the Gap and couldn't not buy them. So, I ended up spending way more than the zero dollars I'd planned on dropping there.

The shopping left us famished so we tempted our fates at the "award winning buffet" at the Edgewater Hotel and Casino. Seriously- how can you pass up an award-winning buffet?? You can't!!

The culinary delights were totally** worth our $10.99 + tax but didn’t merit tipping our waitress. We figured the “dine and (tip) dash” was better than insulting her with the 57 cents cash we had on us. We walked off our guilt and the lead based food on the boardwalk along the river and through the Colorado Belle Casino. Good times... good times.

At this point we were all funned out. We laughed our way back home charmed by the silly adventure we'd just had and with the knowledge that now that we know what is in Laughlin we never have to go back there again. Ever.

**not really

'Tis the Season

Happy Summer Everybody!
'Tis the season to put your bathing suit in your car because you never know when you'll need it. You can't live in Vegas and not find a swimming pool within a 10' radius of X (you are here).
So as not to be left out of all the daytime swimming and night time hot tubbing you've got to be prepared and have that suit ready!