28 April 2009


I still consider myself a blogger in these days of light posting because most of my blogging activity has been in the form of reading other blogs and wishing I was clever enough and had enough motivation to blog about what other bloggers just blogged about. Here's two for the day:

I realized it's not dirty hippies that I hate. It's hipsters.

All I really want is a boy who will sin for me.

06 April 2009


Let's talk about the contradiction that is me:

I'm a self proclaimed conservative republican. I really am. I just see no other way to be.

However... I'm addicted to NPR.

I know! I know! I can't stop! I know I'm supposed to be listening to Hannity and Rush (seriously, I don't like either of those guys) and Glenn (love him though) but try as I might I cannot stop listening to NPR. It's been going on for weeks now and the end is no where in sight. I feel like such a traitor to my party when I listen to such "liberal" news (seriously, it's not). I don't love it just for the news. I also love it for all the dirty hippy, tree huggin, liberal, weed smokin, indie lovin, eco-freak, soft spoken, socialist, patchouli scented other crap on there too.

My father would be so ashamed if he knew.


Seriously, do you know how hard it is to follow up a post like the last one? I mean, there's a lot of pressure.

Apologies for the absence. I've been away a while because thanks to webMD I'm a self diagnosed sexaddict depressed person. Seriously there's nothing more depressing than realizing that you just might have depression. It's a bitch of a downward spiral. Not to worry though. It's not that serious. I've just hit a bit of a rough patch on my life path (to nowhere... or so it seems).

You see, my career in engineering (and thus my ability to pay my bills) is a thing of the past.
My career as a lunch lady, however, is a thing of the present.

Here's the thing about being a lunch lady: It's awesome. Seriously, the kids... loves'em. I hear a lot of funny things everyday but the very best conversation happened last week between 2 third grade boys discussing soft vs crunchy taco shells.

B1: I like the soft ones.
B2: Most boys like the soft ones.
B1: Yeah, and girls like the hard ones.
Me: That's what she said!

OK... so maybe I didn't actually say that out loud but you know I wanted to.