10 January 2009

Christy is blogging.

First- don't you hate it when people on Facebook change their status every few minutes to the most boring things?
Second- my friend dared me to do this.
So... Just in case you are not my Facebook friend* and weren't able to track my day on friday here is what I was doing in backwards chronological order. You are welcome.

12:38pm - Christy is done updating about the minutiae of her day and knows you are all sad about that.

12:55am - Christy is home now.
1:00am - Tifani
I like that I can look back and see all your activities for the day. So many activities!
9:09pm - Christy went to dinner with Tifani and is now going to go take photos of flowers... and is not mad at josh.

5:48pm - Christy is leaving work and driving home... and is by no means mad at josh.

5:17pm - Christy is marvelling that she has only taken ONE potty break today... and this has nothing to do with not being mad at josh.

5:07pm - Christy just turned on her space heater... and couldn't be mad at josh if she tried.

5:04pm - Christy is working again... and is not mad at josh.

5:01pm - Christy is IMing w/ Tifani & wondering if other people would think they are as funny as they think they are and is sure that yes, yes they would... and is not mad josh.
1:00am - Tifani
We really are the funniest people I know.
4:36pm - Christy is blogging... and it's not about josh.

4:15pm - Christy is ready to start detailing again and counting down until she leaves the office... and is not mad at josh.
4:23pm - Josh
so nice.
4:00pm - Christy is floss picking her teeth... and has never been mad at josh.
4:28pm - Josh
this one too.
3:44pm - Christy pounded those fries and is now eating her bacon cheeseburger toaster in order to properly observe fast food friday... and is not mad at josh.

3:41pm - Christy is eating her fries and fry sauce... and could never be mad at josh.
4:28pm Josh
i like this one
3:38pm - Christy is back from sonic and is mad at the wind... but is not mad at josh.

3:19pm - Christy is going to sonic for lunch and will be back in a minute... and is not mad at josh.
3:23pm - Kelli
im so glad you are not mad at josh :)
3:23pm Tifani
lunch just now? Really! Interesting!
3:18pm - Christy thinks SHE is the most interesting person on linkup and is wondering where have all the good guys gone... and is not mad at josh.

3:16pm - Christy is wasting time on ldslinkup right now... and is not mad at josh.

3:05pm - Christy is texting and responding to emails... and is not mad at josh.
3:44pm - Megan
Come on Christy!!! Everyone is secretly mad at Josh, even if they don't admit it. I am so mad at him right now and I can't even remember why. I just know he deserves it. Haha.
5:07pm Josh
i hate you megan.
2:58pm - Christy is back from the bathroom and is thinking about what to eat for lunch... and is not mad at josh.

2:55pm - Christy is going to go to the bathroom... and is not mad at josh.

1:10pm - Christy is going to a meeting at an architects office.
2:16pm - Amanda
I'm almost sorry I confirmed you as a friend - there are too many updates! ;)
2:33pm - Maren
Are you done with your meeting yet? I need to know what else is going on in your life! And I am mad at Josh.
1:06pm - Christy is drawing steel beam details... and is not mad at josh.
1:10pm - Tory
I am getting mad at this Josh, just because you are SO not mad!
2:32pm - Maren
I don't know you but I like you Tony!
2:38pm - Josh
what the hell! this is going too far. strangers are hatin' on me!
12:56pm - Christy is going to use the copy machine... and is not mad at josh.
12:58pm - Tifani
Now the copy machine! Amazing! I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the latest updates in the exciting life of Christy! And, I am mad at Josh.
11:43am - Christy is back to drawing details... and is really not mad at josh.
12:02pm - Tifani
Thank you for providing the minute by minute details. I feel so much a part of your day now. Like I am there in the office with you. And, I am mad at Josh.
11:39am - Christy is talking to a client on the phone.
11:44am - Christy
... and is not mad at josh.
11:38am - Christy just walked back to the drafters' office and is now back at her desk... and is not mad at josh.

11:27am - Christy is back to drawing details... and is still not mad at josh.
11:31am - Maren
Wow! That is so interesting and fascinating. By the way I am STILL mad at that dirtbag Josh.
11:11am - Christy is drawing floor framing details... and is not mad at josh.

11:05am - Christy is talking to her coworker about hot rod and nacho libre... and is still not mad at josh.

10:35am - Christy is drawing framing details... and is not mad at josh.

10:05am - Christy is totally not mad at josh at all.

*Let's be Facebook friends!

09 January 2009

i ain't no childbride

When I get married I'm not going to change my Facebook**** status to "married" and my new last name* the day I get married like so many childbrides** do.

No, I'm going to change them the day before I get married just so I can booyah in their faces for being lame enough to wait as long as they did.

See... ya learn a thing or two from being single for as long as I have.

*Let it be known that in real life when I do actually get married I am not changing my last name. This is not out of principle. It's out of shear laziness.
**Also let it be known that this is not a bitter diatribe. No really. I swear***.
***Does it sound like I'm trying to convince myself?
****Let's be Facebook friends. I only need 8 more friends to get to 400 and I'm all about the numbers.

06 January 2009

yum yum

Seems even the gods of fortune cookies support me in this career change.
Today after a delicious Thai lunch I got a real fortune cookie, not one of those lame advice/statement cookies.

"You will soon be changing your present line of work"

If that isn't a sign I don't know what is.

01 January 2009

Christy Cropper Photography

*an email I just sent to all my contacts. Same info applies to you!

Hello friends and family!

I'm excited to be venturing (slowly but surely) into a new career field- Photography!

I've done a fair amount of landscape work but am looking to expand into wedding and portrait photography within this next year (Hurray for 2009!). You can check out some of the work I've posted on my blog at http://cropstar.blogspot.com/search/label/photos and I will eventually start posting all photography work at http://christycropperphotography.blogspot.com/ (say that 10 times fast!)

As I need to expand (ie. start) my portfolio and get some much needed practice doing portraits I'm offering free photo sessions for the month of January (after which my fees will be very modest until I become legit... too legit to quit). Anything from family photos to individual shots. This will include a CD of all the best shots as well as several "enhanced" photos (read: I also need to practice using photoshop!)

Some ideas:
Family group shots
Head shots
Senior portraits

I am really excited about this and would absolutely love to "shoot" you and your families. Please feel free to refer any of your friends and family to me as well. The more shooting I do the better!

Feel free to contact me via email at christycropperphotography@gmail.com to schedule a shoot. If there is enough interest from you Utah folks I would love to make a trip up towards the end of the month.

I hope your Christmas was lovely and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love to you all!

PS- to all the Las Vegans, I'm still accepting piano students if you (or anyone you know) are interested in piano lessons.