27 December 2006


Different than I'd expected. That's how 2006 has turned out to be.

The bests:
  • Duck Creek & Kolob Canyon trip (Aug)
  • Santa Monica Parking Garage (Nov)
  • LDSLinkup
  • Seattle (Jan)
  • X96, rfh
  • Buying my house (Mar)
  • BBQs
  • Hawaii (Nov)
  • My Ipod- George Michael
  • The 5k (Jul)
  • NFR (Dec)
  • Mission Reunion (Sept)
  • DDR
  • LVDP
  • Dodgers game (Sept)
  • Laughlin (May)
  • Mission Possible (Jul)
  • World Cup (Jul)
  • Stadium of Fire (Jul)
  • Golfing
  • Relief Society Ladies (Dec)
  • Kayaking (Aug)
  • Steelers game (Aug)
  • The Office
  • Arrested Development

15 December 2006


Something in the universe has decided that, amongst the 30-someodd junk emails I get everyday at work, I need to be receiving the "Dorks.com News" daily email.

I recognize that I'm not the coolest person in the world but, c'mon! Dorks.com? Seriously.

14 December 2006


I know some of you may be jealous that you weren't able to attend the Willow Springs Relief Society Enrichment Christmas Dinner and Program. So, for those of you who weren't blessed enough to be there this post is for you.

About a month ago I was informed by my dear friend and blogger buddy that she'd signed us up to do a musical number for the Enrichment Christmas dinner. No prob. It's not uncommon for us to have sing-a-longs and flute-a-longs when we're hanging at my place. So I knew we could pull off something great.

We take sharing our talents very seriously so we waited until the night before the performance to decide what we would do. Conkey came over and we ran through a few Christmas tunes, piano-flute duet style. Nothing seemed right... nothing. We were a little distraught. So, to clear our heads we had a spontaneous sing-a-long. And then, it happened.

Out of nowhere Conkey broke out into the Relief Society Lady voice. You know the one- the high pitched, uber-vibrato, old lady singing? Classic!

We laughed our way through a few songs and then it hit us. What if we were to sing like Relief Society Ladies for our musical number? The comedic value would be priceless! Yes! We would do it! Toss out the flute and the piano... We would share our vocal talents!

Now, in order to truly magnify our vocal talents we would need just the right costumes. (Un)Fortunately, I didn't have a denim jumper and a cheesy Christmas sweater in my wardrobe. My only hope was Goodwill.

With just an hour before the big debut of the RSLs I stopped at Goodwill. It must have been providence because the first thing I saw was a beautiful Christmas turtleneck. Now if only I could find a denim jumper. The gods were smiling that day because not only did I find a denim jumper, but it was 80% off dresses day! So, I got it for $2. I almost started jumping up and down with glee right in the checkout line. I also found a stunning sweater for Conkey. A fellow costume shopper at the store described it best: "It looks like someone spilled glitter on astroturf!"

I saved my jumping up and down with glee for when I got to Conkey's house and showed her my finds from Goodwill. She was as ecstatic as I was! In addition to the denim catastrophes we donned we also pinned on gigantic Christmas broaches (which were really just Christmas ornaments that I'd never actually put on a tree). It was all pretty brilliant. Naturally we needed stage names as well. We were totally on the same wavelength, that Conkey and I. She was Sister Johnson and I was Sister Anderson. It just felt so natural.

When we got to the shindig we suddenly questioned our judgment and both got a nervous knot in our stomachs. After 3 lovely and quite spiritual musical numbers it was our turn... there we were to totally kill the spirit of the evening. But we knew what we had prepared was just too good not to share.

So, we busted through the curtains and pulled out phrases like "we're just thrilled to be here" and "you sisters are treasures (trayzhurs) beyond measure (mayzhur)" all in our finest Utah accents.

We asked for audience participation as we sang "Carol of the Bells" in our most stunning Relief Society voices. It truly was the greatest gift we could have given!

I can say without hesitation that this was the most brilliant performance of my life. Rest assured that the Relief Society Ladies will return. Perhaps the next performance will be a pop medley at the next ward talent show. Any requests??

11 December 2006

5:15 miracle

Mondays = no good. Cuz, ya know, work.

My secretary came into my office and asked me what was wrong because she could tell I had "the blues." At least she didn't say I had "a case of the mondays." So, instead of telling her what the problem really was I blamed it on being tired like I usually do.

Well, I'd been craving chocolate all day. Finally at 5:15pm I discovered a whole jar of not only chocolate but dang good chocolate- Dove Caramels- by the front door of the office. Heaven. The inside of the wrapper said "Smile before bed. You'll sleep better." Then started the debate in my head. My favorite part of the day is when I climb into my bed and inevitably I get a big childish grin on my face. So I'm wondering- do I sleep so well because I smile before I go to bed or do I smile before I go to bed because I know I get to sleep. Huh.

08 December 2006


If you ever need to send me a greeting card please be sure to buy it here. Tears of laughter...

07 December 2006


I'm in LOVE! I'm in LOVE! It finally happened...

Something big happened for me this last week. I fell in love with a boy named Mat Kearney. Okay, so I don't actually know if I love him as a person, because I have no idea about his person, but I do absolutely love, like IN LOVE, love his CD Nothing Left To Lose. So good.

28 November 2006

A post at last...

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for my next post. Well, here it is!
I've been a few places since we last met. I spent a week and a half in Hawaii. That wasn't half bad. See-
That's where I was. While I was there I slept, ate (like a ravenous carnivour), snorkeled, tanned, slept some more, ran, walked, drove, got an ipod, went to PCC, ate more, bought a hat, saw a waterfall, whistled like a frog, got some Vans, met some great people, slept more and watched the Office. It was pretty much amazing.

I came home refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Then, 4 days later I went to LA. Best ever. The worst part about the trip was having to come back to Vegas. That and I bought the wrong color lamp shades and broke a mirror on the way home. I really hope that 7 years of bad luck thing is just a joke.

This was my first year (aside from the mission) that I didn't go home for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the Hale clan for letting me be one of them for the whole weekend. The food was good but I'll be honest. I really missed the marshmallows on the yams.

Try sitting through 6 hours of church and meetings on sunday after having attended only 2 hours of church total in the past month. Not so easy. And now I find myself totally unable to concentrate at work after so much vacation. I think I need another vacation ;)

25 October 2006

24 October 2006

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I don't even know what to say about this book other than "Awesome!"

I had to stay up until 2am last night to finish it because I couldn't put it down. It was really amazing to think about the tenacity of the human body and spirit when they are pushed beyond their limits. FYI- for those of you who don't know, this is a book written by the guy who got trapped in a Utah slot canyon for 5 days then ended up cutting off his hand to free himself.

So, I HIGHLY recommend "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" by Aron Ralston

Any suggestions about what I should read next?

10 October 2006

In love

Okay, I am absolutely crazy, head over heals in LOVE with the music from the new Pride and Prejudice movie.
I finally broke down and watched it this weekend. I'm wildly loyal to the BBC version so I wasn't surprised that I didn't like the new version as much (although it had it's moments). What I wasn't expecting was that I'd fall in love with the soundtrack. Thank goodness for ITunes I could buy the soundtrack without leaving my house but I had to wait for monday to roll around to buy the sheet music. It's AMAZING!
So, if you need me I'll be playing my piano.


Can someone please, please, please buy me this camera? I can't afford it but I really want it.

I'm a girl...

We gals don't like guys to think we're psycho (physco much?) but we really are.

Anyway, this morning I watched a slide show of my fried Rapsli's wedding. So happy for him and his bride. I really should have gone to the wedding. It would have been a good excuse to go to Switzerland. The bride and groom were beautiful. But, in the end I just felt sorry for myself and wished that all my friends were watching my wedding slide show thinking I was beautiful.
So, if I never get married, just tell me I make a beautiful bride anyway. Okay?

I've been talking weddings with a friend... a girl friend... and not my wedding, hers. It gets me all excited and giddy and it's not even my wedding. I'm just so super happy for her. We girls dream of our weddings our whole lives so it's hard not to get excited about them.

This has been a week of trying not to think too much and over analyze everything. It makes me crazy but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is like that. All girls do it.

Anyway... there are my random thoughts for the day.

Snow Patrol

I like these guys. I didn't want to. But, then I listened to them and I actually do.

Sweet Dreams

After a couple of months of mysteriously dreamless sleep I've gotten back to my normal dreamful sleep. However, now my dreams keep coming true... and not in a "Vote for Pedro and all your dreams will come true" sort of way. More in a "I'll dream about something and the next day it will happen" sort of way.
I always wanted to be able to see the future in my dreams but, you know when you get something you think you want then you find out it's actually quite unsettling? That's how this is.
Sweet Dreams y'all!

02 October 2006

Dear Sita Ji

Dear Sita Ji,
I can't believe you missed the Mission Reunion! I was so sad to have to go without you but be believing. I did REPRESENT!... although not with photos... just in person. Those Mada Missionaries SO did not think they were the only ones in the mission. Why? Because we outter islanders were there in number! I didn't get pictures of the younger outter islanders... mostly because I still couldn't remember who was who at the end of the night. It was good to put a face with a name though. I'll show you who was there and who I was SO happy to see! Serendipity!!

It's Mistigail!! Of course I was most excited to see her. I'd called her earlier in the day to make sure she and baby were coming. So beautiful!!

Here's Soeur Vial. I can't believe you've never met her. It's a travesty. She rules.
Yo C-Scratch!! What up?! Good old Cummings.Remember Elder Snow? (ok I didn't... Vial had to remind me his name and she'd never even served with him. doh!)
It's little Elder Stevens. He's all grow'd up!!
And the Blackmers. Remember our theory on what makes a good couple? I think these two are gonna make it.
I am in love with the Reays! They organized the whole reunion, and needless to say, it was wonderful! Plus, don't they look great?
You'll never guess who was there! MULGREW!! Oh my goodness I love this kid!! Just when I thought I didn't recognize anyone there I see him waving with a huge smile on his face. I cannot even tell you how happy I was to see him. He's so cool! I'm for sure going to Ireland to visit. Oh, by the way, he was "just here on holiday" (as he told me in his awesome irish accent).
And don't forget one of the most beautiful, graceful women in the world! Sister Harmon!
President Harmon is just as great as ever. So, so happy to see them!
And, just to confirm all stereotypes we ever had about provo girls... This is what happened to me after I'd been there too long:
Miss you, love you girl! Long live the Misses Metisse!

Another weekend report arriving a week late

ok... This is a report of the weekend of September 22nd-23rd. Because it was so dark outside and I have so not a quality camera I coudln't take any photos of the good food or mad dancing we were doing at the Greek Festival but here are a few from inside the church. (You can see more photos of the festival at lasvegasdailyphoto.blogspot.com)

So that was friday. Saturday was better documented. A gaggle of us went to the UNLV vs BYU womens volleyball game to support #2, Brittani Lumsden! Woot! Brit seriously rules!!

Look at the goofy BYU fans...
They're not having nearly as much fun as the UNLV fans!!
Why? Because "Real Mormons are Rebels!!"
Many of you may be wondering what we do when we're not playing Dance Dance Revolution. Well I'll tell you. We play KARAOKE REVOLUTION!!
Here's Lissa. She's a little too embarassed to go stand by her score because it wasn't very good... she can do so much better.
Lauren got Gold. That's respectable.
Although Paul's falsetto rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was hands down the funniest thing I've ever heard (and gave me the best ab workout from laughing I've ever had), he didn't pass. Poor Paul. He wins Mr Congeniality.
Brett's rendition of 'New York New York' was also heartbreaking.
Paul thinks he's a superstar because he kept winning.
Wendi brought us all to tears with her rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings." Wendi- YOU are the wind beneath MY wings!
Oh! Did everyone see that I went double platinum?! Whuhuh!

18 September 2006

Go Blue Crew!

Let's go back in time shall we?
Imagine... it's another monotonous Thursday afternoon. The weekend eve. You're willing the afternoon clock to get those hands moving a little faster. And then, an epiphany! September needs to start with a bang. What could be better than a trip to Los Angeles for a Dodgers game? So, you send off an email to your sister in Santa Monica and not 5 minutes later the phone rings.
"Can you be here tomorrow evening? Dave and Donna have given me their 2 extra tickets to the game tomorrow night. 6th row, right behind home plate," you hear on the other line.
"I'M THERE!" you shout.
These were the events surrounding my day on August 31st. Luckily my workday on friday ends at noon. So, the next day I ran out of the office and hit the road.

In order to make it a bearable 4-1/2 hours I hooked up my compy and put in the 1st season of "Arrested Development." If you've never watched this show you are not cool. Because, seriously? Hilarious!

Zzyzx Road. You know you're well on your way when you see this sign.

Look! It's the closest Ikea to Vegas. You know you're almost there when you pass the fabulous store.

Sometimes in Los Angeles you have to park reallyclose!

After battling the less-thick-than-normal afternoon traffic (the traffic gods must be Dodgers fans) I finally arrived at my sister's sweet house.
But! There's no time to loaf around! Let's go to Dodger Stadium!

Whoa-hoa-hoa! Only 2 more miles!

Thar she is! The stadium! And my sister!

Go Dodger Dogs! There's something about a stadium that makes these less than delectable dawgs taste like a delicacy.


Thanks Dave and Donna! We LOVE you!!!
Not only did we get to watch baseball, we got to watch the celebs too.

It's Mary Hart.

And Mr. Burns... I mean, Larry King.

Hello Mr Beatty. Do you always look so cranky?

Oh, Annette, you're so cute.

Of course Tommy Lasorda was there. Here he's talking to the Beatty/Bennings.

HELLO!!!!! It's JOSH!! I heart Josh... with my whole... heart!

Taste good Joshie?

Oh! Josh loves the Dodgers too!

Josh! If you're looking for me, I'm over here!

Now would be a good time to show that endearing gap in my teeth. The one that I've thought about getting braces a million times to correct but then realized that the gap gives me character. Character is good right?

No. No, I don't see the family resemblance at ALL.
Love ya sis!

Hurrah! Dodgers Win! But, what do I love more than anything in the whole world??

FIREWORKS!!! Can you believe it? Dodgers! Josh! AND Fireworks! All in one night!!

I'm SO happy!

PS- Dodgers just beat the Padres!! 4 homers in a row in the bottom of the 9th inning and NOOMMAAAAAR hit the game winning homer in the 10th inning. Back in first place! I LOVE THE DODGERS!!