28 November 2006

A post at last...

I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for my next post. Well, here it is!
I've been a few places since we last met. I spent a week and a half in Hawaii. That wasn't half bad. See-
That's where I was. While I was there I slept, ate (like a ravenous carnivour), snorkeled, tanned, slept some more, ran, walked, drove, got an ipod, went to PCC, ate more, bought a hat, saw a waterfall, whistled like a frog, got some Vans, met some great people, slept more and watched the Office. It was pretty much amazing.

I came home refreshed and ready to get back to work.

Then, 4 days later I went to LA. Best ever. The worst part about the trip was having to come back to Vegas. That and I bought the wrong color lamp shades and broke a mirror on the way home. I really hope that 7 years of bad luck thing is just a joke.

This was my first year (aside from the mission) that I didn't go home for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the Hale clan for letting me be one of them for the whole weekend. The food was good but I'll be honest. I really missed the marshmallows on the yams.

Try sitting through 6 hours of church and meetings on sunday after having attended only 2 hours of church total in the past month. Not so easy. And now I find myself totally unable to concentrate at work after so much vacation. I think I need another vacation ;)