18 September 2006

Go Blue Crew!

Let's go back in time shall we?
Imagine... it's another monotonous Thursday afternoon. The weekend eve. You're willing the afternoon clock to get those hands moving a little faster. And then, an epiphany! September needs to start with a bang. What could be better than a trip to Los Angeles for a Dodgers game? So, you send off an email to your sister in Santa Monica and not 5 minutes later the phone rings.
"Can you be here tomorrow evening? Dave and Donna have given me their 2 extra tickets to the game tomorrow night. 6th row, right behind home plate," you hear on the other line.
"I'M THERE!" you shout.
These were the events surrounding my day on August 31st. Luckily my workday on friday ends at noon. So, the next day I ran out of the office and hit the road.

In order to make it a bearable 4-1/2 hours I hooked up my compy and put in the 1st season of "Arrested Development." If you've never watched this show you are not cool. Because, seriously? Hilarious!

Zzyzx Road. You know you're well on your way when you see this sign.

Look! It's the closest Ikea to Vegas. You know you're almost there when you pass the fabulous store.

Sometimes in Los Angeles you have to park reallyclose!

After battling the less-thick-than-normal afternoon traffic (the traffic gods must be Dodgers fans) I finally arrived at my sister's sweet house.
But! There's no time to loaf around! Let's go to Dodger Stadium!

Whoa-hoa-hoa! Only 2 more miles!

Thar she is! The stadium! And my sister!

Go Dodger Dogs! There's something about a stadium that makes these less than delectable dawgs taste like a delicacy.


Thanks Dave and Donna! We LOVE you!!!
Not only did we get to watch baseball, we got to watch the celebs too.

It's Mary Hart.

And Mr. Burns... I mean, Larry King.

Hello Mr Beatty. Do you always look so cranky?

Oh, Annette, you're so cute.

Of course Tommy Lasorda was there. Here he's talking to the Beatty/Bennings.

HELLO!!!!! It's JOSH!! I heart Josh... with my whole... heart!

Taste good Joshie?

Oh! Josh loves the Dodgers too!

Josh! If you're looking for me, I'm over here!

Now would be a good time to show that endearing gap in my teeth. The one that I've thought about getting braces a million times to correct but then realized that the gap gives me character. Character is good right?

No. No, I don't see the family resemblance at ALL.
Love ya sis!

Hurrah! Dodgers Win! But, what do I love more than anything in the whole world??

FIREWORKS!!! Can you believe it? Dodgers! Josh! AND Fireworks! All in one night!!

I'm SO happy!

PS- Dodgers just beat the Padres!! 4 homers in a row in the bottom of the 9th inning and NOOMMAAAAAR hit the game winning homer in the 10th inning. Back in first place! I LOVE THE DODGERS!!

11 September 2006

You live you learn...

You know your hair is too long when you singe it on the stove.
This is why I don't cook.

03 September 2006

Random thought...

I always like the idea of an engagement boat instead of an engagement ring.