07 October 2010

Well THIS made me happy

*photo via here

I look forward to weekends so much more now that I don't have to work every weekend... or if I do I get to work at doing something I love.

I just looked at my October calendar and the weekends are fillin' up fast! Lovesit!

What will your 5 October weekends look like?

03 October 2010

Things I decided today:

  • I will say my prayers every single morning & night
  • I will go to the temple at least twice a month
  • I will study the scriptures every single day
  • I will prepare my sunday school lesson before I get to sacrament meeting
  • I will write in my journal more often
  • I will say thank you much more often... esp to people who annoy me
  • I will stop going to the store on sunday
  • I will try to go to sleep early and wake up early
  • I will exercise and eat well
  • I will keep my house and car clean
It's pretty sad how difficult everything on that list has been for me lately and how everything on that list seems completely impossible. But, after an amazing General Conference I'm motivated and energized to be the person I want to be and live the kind of life I want to live.

As Elder Scott said, Become what you want to be by being what you want to become.