25 October 2006

24 October 2006

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I don't even know what to say about this book other than "Awesome!"

I had to stay up until 2am last night to finish it because I couldn't put it down. It was really amazing to think about the tenacity of the human body and spirit when they are pushed beyond their limits. FYI- for those of you who don't know, this is a book written by the guy who got trapped in a Utah slot canyon for 5 days then ended up cutting off his hand to free himself.

So, I HIGHLY recommend "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" by Aron Ralston

Any suggestions about what I should read next?

10 October 2006

In love

Okay, I am absolutely crazy, head over heals in LOVE with the music from the new Pride and Prejudice movie.
I finally broke down and watched it this weekend. I'm wildly loyal to the BBC version so I wasn't surprised that I didn't like the new version as much (although it had it's moments). What I wasn't expecting was that I'd fall in love with the soundtrack. Thank goodness for ITunes I could buy the soundtrack without leaving my house but I had to wait for monday to roll around to buy the sheet music. It's AMAZING!
So, if you need me I'll be playing my piano.


Can someone please, please, please buy me this camera? I can't afford it but I really want it.

I'm a girl...

We gals don't like guys to think we're psycho (physco much?) but we really are.

Anyway, this morning I watched a slide show of my fried Rapsli's wedding. So happy for him and his bride. I really should have gone to the wedding. It would have been a good excuse to go to Switzerland. The bride and groom were beautiful. But, in the end I just felt sorry for myself and wished that all my friends were watching my wedding slide show thinking I was beautiful.
So, if I never get married, just tell me I make a beautiful bride anyway. Okay?

I've been talking weddings with a friend... a girl friend... and not my wedding, hers. It gets me all excited and giddy and it's not even my wedding. I'm just so super happy for her. We girls dream of our weddings our whole lives so it's hard not to get excited about them.

This has been a week of trying not to think too much and over analyze everything. It makes me crazy but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is like that. All girls do it.

Anyway... there are my random thoughts for the day.

Snow Patrol

I like these guys. I didn't want to. But, then I listened to them and I actually do.

Sweet Dreams

After a couple of months of mysteriously dreamless sleep I've gotten back to my normal dreamful sleep. However, now my dreams keep coming true... and not in a "Vote for Pedro and all your dreams will come true" sort of way. More in a "I'll dream about something and the next day it will happen" sort of way.
I always wanted to be able to see the future in my dreams but, you know when you get something you think you want then you find out it's actually quite unsettling? That's how this is.
Sweet Dreams y'all!

02 October 2006

Dear Sita Ji

Dear Sita Ji,
I can't believe you missed the Mission Reunion! I was so sad to have to go without you but be believing. I did REPRESENT!... although not with photos... just in person. Those Mada Missionaries SO did not think they were the only ones in the mission. Why? Because we outter islanders were there in number! I didn't get pictures of the younger outter islanders... mostly because I still couldn't remember who was who at the end of the night. It was good to put a face with a name though. I'll show you who was there and who I was SO happy to see! Serendipity!!

It's Mistigail!! Of course I was most excited to see her. I'd called her earlier in the day to make sure she and baby were coming. So beautiful!!

Here's Soeur Vial. I can't believe you've never met her. It's a travesty. She rules.
Yo C-Scratch!! What up?! Good old Cummings.Remember Elder Snow? (ok I didn't... Vial had to remind me his name and she'd never even served with him. doh!)
It's little Elder Stevens. He's all grow'd up!!
And the Blackmers. Remember our theory on what makes a good couple? I think these two are gonna make it.
I am in love with the Reays! They organized the whole reunion, and needless to say, it was wonderful! Plus, don't they look great?
You'll never guess who was there! MULGREW!! Oh my goodness I love this kid!! Just when I thought I didn't recognize anyone there I see him waving with a huge smile on his face. I cannot even tell you how happy I was to see him. He's so cool! I'm for sure going to Ireland to visit. Oh, by the way, he was "just here on holiday" (as he told me in his awesome irish accent).
And don't forget one of the most beautiful, graceful women in the world! Sister Harmon!
President Harmon is just as great as ever. So, so happy to see them!
And, just to confirm all stereotypes we ever had about provo girls... This is what happened to me after I'd been there too long:
Miss you, love you girl! Long live the Misses Metisse!

Another weekend report arriving a week late

ok... This is a report of the weekend of September 22nd-23rd. Because it was so dark outside and I have so not a quality camera I coudln't take any photos of the good food or mad dancing we were doing at the Greek Festival but here are a few from inside the church. (You can see more photos of the festival at lasvegasdailyphoto.blogspot.com)

So that was friday. Saturday was better documented. A gaggle of us went to the UNLV vs BYU womens volleyball game to support #2, Brittani Lumsden! Woot! Brit seriously rules!!

Look at the goofy BYU fans...
They're not having nearly as much fun as the UNLV fans!!
Why? Because "Real Mormons are Rebels!!"
Many of you may be wondering what we do when we're not playing Dance Dance Revolution. Well I'll tell you. We play KARAOKE REVOLUTION!!
Here's Lissa. She's a little too embarassed to go stand by her score because it wasn't very good... she can do so much better.
Lauren got Gold. That's respectable.
Although Paul's falsetto rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was hands down the funniest thing I've ever heard (and gave me the best ab workout from laughing I've ever had), he didn't pass. Poor Paul. He wins Mr Congeniality.
Brett's rendition of 'New York New York' was also heartbreaking.
Paul thinks he's a superstar because he kept winning.
Wendi brought us all to tears with her rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings." Wendi- YOU are the wind beneath MY wings!
Oh! Did everyone see that I went double platinum?! Whuhuh!