16 December 2009

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

I quite sure you're still waiting on the edge of your seat for this news. Behold! We have a winner of the Mix Tape of Love contest!! Huzzah!

And the winner is...


I should have known you'd win, since everything you do, you do awesomely. Woot!

It was a tight race to be sure and you all did very well with the challenge. I'll post the playlists this weekend (when I'm not working steady 6am-10pm).

Stay tuned for a Mix Tape of Breakup Songs challenge in the new year.

10 December 2009

And the winner is...

gonna hafta wait.

Sorry, dearhearts. But, I'm exhausted. I'm working about 25hrs/day this week and don't have time to finish listening and declare a winner of MToL (although I'm pretty sure I already know who it's going to be).

Stay tuned. Maybe saturday will be the day. Perhaps sunday. fml.

07 December 2009

Brie, please!

I know it kind of feels like contest central around here. Sorry to bombard you but... BUT!

I think you all need to head over to a little sussy to vote for my sister's Toasted Cranapple Brie Sandwich (France). The one by Kalani Cropper.

Also, you should head over to Kalani's new blog Kalanicut. Delightful!

And since I haven't posted any good photos of anything good for a good long time I'll share the ditty I created for my birthday invite. Yes, I stole the pic from the interweb but I made it better.

PS- If you want to celebrate my birthday with me, save the date for January 2 & 3. You're all invited. Flogging Molly. Singstar. Cupcakes. Need I say more?

06 December 2009


Big thanks to everyone who entered the contest. I'm waiting for the last few entries to trickle in and I've started the listening.

Might I say: You are all brilliant and I love you for entering.

Winner will be announced on 12/10(ish).

01 December 2009

Mix Tape of Love: addendum... OK, FINE!

OK, y'all.

I fully sympathize (empathize? I never know the diff) with the inability to either gather or actually SEND your submissions for MToL.

I'm extending the deadline for 4 days only.

Also... submissions may be emailed to me in the form of a playlist only- artist & song.

I'll do the work and find the songs. The important thing here is that I get the playlists.
If you would like to submit via actual CD that is still encouraged. But, I'd love to help the helpless here (not that I think you're helpless even though you've had a month to do this and still haven't been able to get your butt in gear... I'm just saying).

Playlists (song & artist) due by Dec 5th.

Email to cropstar5 at hotmail dot com

Seriously, if the Black Widow's MOM can do it, so can you.


Guess what day it is. December 1st.

Guess how many contest entries I've received. Zero.


I guess I win?

If you do have a submission, let me know and I'll extend the deadline for you. Seriously, I would love it if you submitted. Please? Pleeeeease?

27 November 2009

Day 26 of Gratitude

I was going to do an awesome picture post documenting my awesome day full of awesome Thanksgiving activities. I didn't make it past this activity though:
Wow. SUPER flattering picture, n'est-ce pas?

Yep. That's me. In bed. And yes, I do sleep with my computer, books, water bottle and other sundry items. I had tentitively planned on doing some lovely things but ended up spending most of the day in bed- sleeping, lounging, internetting. I watched movies, puzzled, ate. My crowning accomplishment for the day was showering. Yay, me.

This year I didn't get to spend the day with my family (sad), cooking or eating. But I truly felt the spirit of the holiday as I was able to spend much of my lazy day reflecting upon the things for which I'm thankful. And indeed, I have much to be thankful for:

1. My knowledge of God and His plan (even though sometime I wish His plan for me aligned more with what want and not what I need).
2. My good health despite the lack of care I give to my body.
3. My supportive family, their love and friendship.
4. My dear friends who I love spending time with but who understand when I just need to have some alone time.
5. And, you, my dear blog readers, my pets, my lovelies. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send my thoughts into cyberspace and to feel like they mean something.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of thanks and giving.

25 November 2009

Day 25 of Gratitude

Today, I am grateful for all the lovely people in my life who invited me to share Thanksgiving dinner with them (since my mom told me not to come home this year *single tear) even though I politely declined all offers so that I could spend the entire day with ME, doing whatever I feel like doing. I am so excited.

24 November 2009

Day 24 of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for a black & white dress and electric blue tights. Those tights made me (and some other people) happy.

23 November 2009

Day 23 of Gratitude

Stuffing. Creme Brulee. Pumpkin Pie. Carmel Apple Cake. Roast Vegetables.

Today I'm grateful that I work in a catering kitchen and get to bring home delicious left overs all. the. time.

Here's to celebrating Thanksgiving early!

22 November 2009

Day 22 of Gratitude

Today I really, truly am grateful for all things church (except the last talk in Sacrament Meeting, because, boring!).

I'm grateful for the Lord's patience with me when I'm being stubborn. I'm grateful that when I decide I'm ready to listen, I can hear what He needs to tell me, whether it be through the Apostles, the Bishop, the Relief Society teacher or the teenager who was forced to speak in Sac Mtg.

21 November 2009

Day 21 of Gratitude

My backlog of gratitude is coming. Let's just say, it was hard to get back into "real life" mode after being on "vacation" mode for a week.

Today I'm grateful that my bride (of the wedding I'm shooting) is so freaking gorgeous and such a natural in front of the camera. It makes my job so, so easy. Seriously, she's one of those girls that you just want to hate because she's so beautiful. But, then you get to know her and realize how awesome she is. Then, you can't help but love her. Love. It's the word of the day.

20 November 2009

19 November 2009

Day 19 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for GLEE! And, I'm grateful that I can watch it online whenever I want (for free) since I'm never home to watch TV and can't pay for dvr(tivo).

If you haven't started watching this show I'd highly recommend you do so now. Genius.

And, here's my fav thing that's happened lately.

18 November 2009

Day 18 of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for my new alarm clock. I'm not happy that it went off at 5am but I'm at least relieved that I didn't sleep through it. Waking up to NPR is great.

17 November 2009

Day 17 of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful that I get to come home to my lovely little house and sleep in my lovely litle bed and be with all of my lovely stuff. As great as it is to be on vacation, it is also great to come home.

16 November 2009

Day 16 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for the Clark County Library System. Seriously, it's genius.

Books. Movies. CDs. I take full advantage. My local library is one of my favorite places to go.

15 November 2009

Day 15 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for the discount I get at work. Buying clothes for myself and others is so much nicer when you only have to pay 1/2 the price.

14 November 2009

Day 14 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for my family. As is true with most families, they are crazy. But, I love them. A lot.

I'm grateful that we had a peaceful week together. I'm grateful that we all have fun together. Like, seriously, we're hilarious. I'm grateful to know that if ever I was in need, no matter what it was, I could turn to my family and they would be there for me in a split second. They're the best.

*Commence sassy comments from the sisters.

13 November 2009

Day 13 of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for my polynesian heritage. It is such a rich, beautiful culture.
Everyone who ever knew a poly, who ever spent time in the islands or saw one (a poly, not an island) walking down the street feels like, wants to be or thinks they are poly by association. There's a reason for this.

I'm grateful that I don't have to fake being a polynesian or that it's not a culture that I get to experience for one day at PCC. I get to keep it my whole entire life and beyond. Maybe someday I'll take the time to really write a good, hearty post about this topic but for now, I'm just grateful for my heritage. And, that because if it, I can get a really great tan.

12 November 2009

Day 10, 11 & 12 of Gratitude

I'm still in Hawaii. And, for now that's all I need to feel grateful.
Sometimes gratitude needs to be simple.

05 November 2009

Day 5 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful that I seriously injured my car by backing into a stucco pillar and will most likely need to get my entire rear bumper replaced.

Oh... except that I'm not grateful for that at all. In fact, I'm really upset about that. Stupid accident. Should have paid better attention.

So, for realsies... Today, I'm grateful for a really enjoyable night at a job I usually hate to go to.

04 November 2009

Day 4 of Gratitude

Yes, people. This really is going to happen everyday this month. Get used to it.

Today I'm grateful for ChaCha being a fat kid with me and stopping at two fast food joints to fulfill our cravings. It's good to have friends who will support you in your bad habits.

I should also say that I'm grateful that ChaCha went to the temple with me. I definitely needed a friend as it had been a very long time (cough cough seven months cough cough) since I've gotten there. I'll spare you the reasons why (and no it's not because I wasn't worthy... what kind of a girl do you think I am? Don't answer that). It's also good to have friends who will encourage you to get better habits.

03 November 2009

Day 3 of Gratitude

A stoplight. The breakroom. In line. Eating.

These are the little moments I'm grateful for today. Stolen moments wherein I can enter a literary world so different or so similar to my own. Sometimes a sentence, sometimes a paragraph, sometimes a few pages. I cherish these moments.

I always carry a book with me. Always. In the rare instances when I've forgotten it I panic. I feel like my left arm has been cut off. Waiting in line, at a stoplight, anywhere without a book is excruciating (only a slight exaggeration, I think).

The thing is: I love books. I love reading. I love passages that describe something so perfectly. I love learning. I love escaping to another world. I love connecting with myself through other's experiences. So not only am I grateful for the few moments in each day when I get to read, I am grateful for a conscious decision I made at the age of 21 to learn to love reading.

02 November 2009

Day 2 of Gratitude

I'm grateful that I finally found someone to play Battleship with me.
And, that that someone bought me pizza and ice cream, too.

This is the same box that I have for (one of) my battleship game(s). I bought it at D.I. a few months ago because it was the same version I grew up with. I know I shouldn't find this funny but notice where the women are. Yes, in the kitchen doing dishes. Lovesit.

01 November 2009

Feet meet Street

This morning I was watching the telecast of the ING NYC Marathon and heaven help me if I didn't cry through the whole thing.

I was pulling for Paula Radcliffe and Ryan Hall naturally. But as they fell back and the finish line neared my attention was turned.

Derartu Tulu was strong. She sprinted away from the competition looking like she could run another 26.2 miles. But it wasn't her win that impressed me most. It was her character.
"She ran alongside me and was like, come on, come on. We can do it, we can do it," a disappointed Radcliffe told reporters.
"Even when the girls took off she kind of waited with me a bit. But that's Derartu, She's always been like that." [
I cried alongside Meb Keflezighi as he crossed the finish line with USA written across his chest and broke down in tears. Tears of joy. Tears of exhaustion. Mine were tears of awe. Tears of gratitude and pride in someone who became a citizen just over a decade ago yet represents the spirit of this nation better than most who have lived here forever.

It wasn't just the runners that moved me. It was running in general. There is something very special about running. I can't describe exactly what it is nor can you know unless you've allowed your feet to meet the street. Perhaps it has something to do with putting miles behind you, not only literally, but figuratively. Something to do with letting go of the past and embracing what lies ahead of you. Something to do with having the courage to do what and go where you never thought you could. Perhaps it has something to do with conquering a particular distance, a particular course that reveals your physical strength and mental tenacity. Something to do with teaching you about yourself and your ability to conquer the challenging course of everyday life.

Whatever it is. Running is special.

And, after a year long hiatus I am ready once again for my feet to meet the street.

Day 1 of Gratitude

I'm grateful that I never have to cover my entire face in black makeup or spray my hair black ever again.

Though the results were super awesome. Happy Halloween.

Get it?

30 October 2009


Attention- THIS IS A CONTEST. And, I want you to enter.

The other day I was driving around and listening to my ipod, George Michael (named in honor of the great George Micheal and George Michael Bluth). So, I started thinking about mixed tapes and how it would be nice to have someone to make a mix tape for... you know... someone like a boyfriend. And, I was also thinking about how there is so much amazing music out there that I don't even know about and how I know a lot of great music that other people don't know about and how it would be really awesome to share it all. Because, who needs a significant other just to enjoy love songs. Also, I go to a lot of weddings. I always laugh when a DJ plays a song that sounds like a love song because it's slow and pretty but really if you listen to the words you realize it's a breakup song. Gets me every time. I also spend a lot (more than is healthy) of time thinking about wedding videos and songs that would be awesome on a wedding video. Anyway...

Thus was born in my mind the "Mix Tape of Love" contest. So will you enter?

Here are the rules:

1) Mix Tapes must be submitted to me in the form of a CD (I know... seems wrong to call it a tape) via hand delivery or mail. Email me at cropstar5 at hotmail dot com and I will email you back my address.
2) MToL entries must have a minimum of 10 songs and a maximum of 20 songs.
3) The first half of the MToL must contain super cheesy, cliche love songs that you are embarassed to admit you love. The second half of the MToL must contain really amazing, rad love songs- the kind that you listen to on repeat for hours on end.
4) Entries must include a playlist including song names and artists.
5) Entries must be received by December 1st. That gives you one month, people.
6) Points will be given to cheesy love songs that make me laugh. Points will be given to amazing love songs that make me hit repeat. Points will also be granted based on originality and creativity.
7) The Winner will be declared... as soon as I listen to all the CDs (depending on how many entries there are... you know, like if all 1 of you who still read this blog want to enter).
8) All playlists will be posted here when the winner is announced.
9) The Winner will receive, um, something really cool. Like an iTunes gift card. All entries will receive some sort of prize (though it probably won't be as cool as a gift card).

For reals- spread the word to everyone you know, especially all the music connoisseurs you can think of. The more playlists we get, the more amazing music we all discover. It's a win, win, win situation, n'est-ce pas?

Edit- Bonus point for including a break up song posing as a love song. You know, the kind you'd hear at a wedding.

05 September 2009

the climb

Hello? (echo... echo...)

I know I have no right showing my face around here after abandoning you. But, there is something really important I need to share with you.

It's this: Miley Cyrus is right.

Wanna see what my bedroom looks like?
I'm not kidding you people, I disgust myself. I cannot believe the filth I allow myself to live it.

If ones bedroom is a reflection of one's life I'll give you one guess what my life feels like.
The correct answer is: chaos.

Perhaps chaos is the reason there's been no blogging. Any given day for me involves running between 4 different jobs (yes... four), trying to maintain some semblance of a social life (thus maintaining my sanity, and that's not even an exaggeration) and what little energy I have left for spirituality, cleanliness, nutrition and sleep. Obviously, there has been no energy left for the latter 4 (yet I seem to have enough time to facebook and don't you dare judge me).

Life has been pretty crazy lately. I haven't really had (taken?) the time to process through the daily emotions so they've been accumulating. For months.

I photographed another wedding today. It was great. But, weddings are stressful. Very. Being responsible for the lasting memories a bride and groom have of their special day is a lot of pressure. It was awesome. Yet, it was the tipping point for me.

And that's when I found myself crying a little at the end of "Hannah Montana: The Movie". For those of you who haven't experienced the fine art that is HM:TM, at the end of the movie Miley (as Miley, mind you, not Hannah) sings The Climb. Let's not pretend you don't know and love the song... or that I didn't come home and purchase it on itunes and put it on repeat for the last... ahem... while (and if you really don't then you should just listen to it for the sake of knowing what I'm talking about here).

Here's the thing. The wedding really was great. I got to shoot alongside an amazing videographer and learned a ton from him. It was a beautiful day. The bride and groom were seriously two of the most quality, good people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I was so genuinely happy for them. I feel like I got some beautiful shots. Then I started thinking about how I want... nay, need a new camera, lenses, a reflector, a video light, experience and more business. And, do we really even need to talk about the stress of trying to manage my daily schedule and figuring out where I need to be and when? Or, how all I really want is a husband and kids and I don't have that? Or, how I wish I was skinny and healthy and exercised all the time but haven't had (made?) time for it? Or, how I wish I could fix all my friends problems? Or, how I need to read the scriptures, pray and go to the temple but I can't find the motivation? Ugh. But, I digress...

I felt like I was on a high from the wedding until I started considering how much higher I want to and am able to get. I want to be good! I want to be great! I want to be amazing! And yet... getting to that higher level is going to take time and money (money that I don't have and have no idea how I'm going to get even though I feel like I work, and work, and work but can't even keep up with my current financial responsibilities and maybe I'm considering prostitution to get it... ok, not really) and hard work and innovation. And that realization was a little depressing and frustrating. I want it all. And I want it now.

Seriously, I wasn't even sure what I was feeling- happy? sad? loved? lonely? talented? inexperienced? hopeful? stressed?

And that's when Miley reminded me that:
There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side
It's the climb
And I knew she was right.
IT'S THE CLIMB, people!
It's the climb.

18 June 2009

i think i can dance (aka- the day pasha hugged me)

Go HERE to see what I did last tuesday. Otherwise known as the greatest day of my life.

11 June 2009

totally inappropriate humor

anyone who knows me knows i have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy.

which is why:

a) i laughed myself to tears last weekend when at the circus (that's right... the CIRCUS! the circus at circus circus!) the announcer said of the juggler, "now watch as he manipulates seven balls!" didn't help that the guy was wearing skin tight pleather pants.


b) why i found this really funny:

31 May 2009

Dear Me

My awesome blogfriend Katie (girl crush, anyone?) started a project called Dear Me wherein "women write letters of advice to younger versions of themselves at crucial points in their personal histories". Genius.

Check out the first wave of letters posted here, then keep coming back for more. It'll make you laugh. It'll make you cry. It'll make you seriously ponder what advice you would give to yourself.

You can see my letter to me over at Dear Me but in case some of you are super lazy I'll post my letter here because you all know how I love talking about me. And what's better than me writing a letter to me?

Dear Creek,

Feels weird trying to give you advice as I'm pretty sure I'm the one who should be taking advice from you.

You're leaving for college in the morning. I know tonight feels like the end of life as you know it but I promise you (I PROMISE!) it only gets better from here. It sounds crazy now but pretty soon you will forget almost everyone from high school and the thing about it is... you won't even feel sad about it. Why? Because you are going to meet some amazing people and experience some amazing things.

It is sad to think about all the friends and acquaintances you will never see again and this will be a reoccurring theme as life goes on and you move from chapter to chapter. And even though life won't always turn out the way you'd hoped it would, you will always be blessed with great friends wherever you go and they will make every experience richer by their presence. Some will cross your path for only a short time and others will stay with you for life but rest assured, one constant in your life is fabulous friendships.

You are such a good person. It amazes me. As disappointing as it may sound, I wish I were half as good as you are. So, trust that you are good. Trust that you are great. One of the greatest days of your life is when you realize that you are great just the way you are. Forcing yourself to like Dave Matthews Band (at least more than you would on your own) just for the approval of a boy will one day seem just as absurd as confessing to the boy you like that you are a mega fan of Backstreet Boys (and seeing them in concert will, indeed, be one of the best nights of your life).

Which leads me to the next thing I must tell you. You aren't always going to make great decisions. There will be a lot of things you will be able to look back on and regret but you know what? Don't. Don't regret anything. Like the fact that your mantra in college will be "C's for degrees!" and you will heartily adhere to it? You won't have to regret that because college will be damn fun and the social and emotional education you get there will be worth more than a 4.0gpa any day. Be La Belle Dame Sans Regrets!

Now, having said that, pay attention to the most important piece of advice I will give you: Never underestimate yourself. Don't put limits on yourself. It'll take a lot of fear and a lot of difficult situations (ie training for a marathon) before you realize it but you are capable of WAY more than you give yourself credit for. You can do anything! It's amazing what dedication and consistent hard work will accomplish.

So there you have it. Go forward. Be brave. Be amazing. You already are. It's just time for you to believe it for yourself. Cheers!

xoxo, the 31yr old version of you

Who doesn't love free music?

THIS is yet another reason why I love Coldplay.

28 May 2009

more facebook fun

I used to be in this ward that has this bishop that is... well... he's just Bishop Z. To know him is to love him. The best thing about him is his status updates. Full of righteousness, they are.

Today's was not atypical:
Bishop Z is ready to find all the members at the temple!!!
The follow up comment was gold:
will they be hiding?

What's tricky about being friends with your Bishop on Facebook is censorship.

My status today:
Cropstar is warmed up like biscuits... yeah, dance biscuits.
Bishop Z's follow up comment:
Hey dance biscuit where is the party?
My desired follow up comment:
In my pants.

22 May 2009

i got my hair did... it didn't do like that before

I've been threatening to do it for years. I couldn't come up with 5 good reasons not to do it. So...

I took some before pictures.

And then The Other One chopped off my locks. Doesn't it look like she's enjoying it a little too much?

And then I cried. Lit'rally.

15 inches. Gone.

This is why I should never let my hair air dry without product in it. Hello, 80's!

I usually love when people play with my hair but not like this.

The Other One did her magic and made me down right sassy.
Sometimes when your friend does your hair after hours at the salon she makes you clean up your own hair. And then you realize that you have had a sh'load of hair and that your friend cut most of it off. I'm still freaking out.

11 May 2009

2nd time's a charm

St George Marathon 2009

This year I will actually make it to the start line
...and hopefully the finish line.

Not sure how I manage to draw for every running lotto I enter.
But, I'm glad I do.

Look forward to lots of running posts.
Official training starts on 6.1.09

Anyone else running it?

05 May 2009

DO(n't qu)IT

Lately, this idea of giving up plagues my mind.

I mean, really.
What's so bad about giving up?

If you give it your best, if you give it your all, if you give it the old college try, when is it ok to say "I give up"?

Is it wrong to abandon hope?
Is it so wrong to forsake goals you've been unable to achieve?
Is it wrong to want to end the heartbreak of unfulfilled dreams?
When can you say, "enough is enough"?

Maybe I don't really want a "real" job again.
Maybe being single for life isn't so bad.
Maybe I can be fat and happy.

I throw my arms in the air and exclaim "I give!"

But, then. There it is. That little voice in my head that says silly things like, "Just hang on", "Someday soon", "You can do this", "This won't last forever", "You will be loved", "Anything is possible".

And the crazy thing about it all is that little voice speaks louder than any other and I'm foolish enough to listen to her.

28 April 2009


I still consider myself a blogger in these days of light posting because most of my blogging activity has been in the form of reading other blogs and wishing I was clever enough and had enough motivation to blog about what other bloggers just blogged about. Here's two for the day:

I realized it's not dirty hippies that I hate. It's hipsters.

All I really want is a boy who will sin for me.

06 April 2009


Let's talk about the contradiction that is me:

I'm a self proclaimed conservative republican. I really am. I just see no other way to be.

However... I'm addicted to NPR.

I know! I know! I can't stop! I know I'm supposed to be listening to Hannity and Rush (seriously, I don't like either of those guys) and Glenn (love him though) but try as I might I cannot stop listening to NPR. It's been going on for weeks now and the end is no where in sight. I feel like such a traitor to my party when I listen to such "liberal" news (seriously, it's not). I don't love it just for the news. I also love it for all the dirty hippy, tree huggin, liberal, weed smokin, indie lovin, eco-freak, soft spoken, socialist, patchouli scented other crap on there too.

My father would be so ashamed if he knew.


Seriously, do you know how hard it is to follow up a post like the last one? I mean, there's a lot of pressure.

Apologies for the absence. I've been away a while because thanks to webMD I'm a self diagnosed sexaddict depressed person. Seriously there's nothing more depressing than realizing that you just might have depression. It's a bitch of a downward spiral. Not to worry though. It's not that serious. I've just hit a bit of a rough patch on my life path (to nowhere... or so it seems).

You see, my career in engineering (and thus my ability to pay my bills) is a thing of the past.
My career as a lunch lady, however, is a thing of the present.

Here's the thing about being a lunch lady: It's awesome. Seriously, the kids... loves'em. I hear a lot of funny things everyday but the very best conversation happened last week between 2 third grade boys discussing soft vs crunchy taco shells.

B1: I like the soft ones.
B2: Most boys like the soft ones.
B1: Yeah, and girls like the hard ones.
Me: That's what she said!

OK... so maybe I didn't actually say that out loud but you know I wanted to.

24 February 2009


This is the true story about how I joined a playgroup and got kicked out on the same day.

All my working life I envied 'stay at home moms'. Anything with "stay at home" in the job title has got to be awesome. Right? Cue all the stay at home moms screaming "NO!" A few weeks ago I got a taste of how that job title is not all it's cracked up to be.

I had some friends/family staying at my house for the weekend, one of which was a miniature person. She was 3 and we were instant-a-friends. On the last day of the trip she and I went on a walk. It was a gorgeous monday and since I am basically unemployed I wanted to experience what people do during the day when they're not stuck in an office. (I mean, seriously, did you guys know that the sun shines ALL DAY?) I had no destination in mind but 1 mile and 20 minutes later we ended up at the park in my neighborhood. Perfect.

I saw 3 moms sitting on the grass chit-chatting and watching their kids play. I didn't take much notice of them until they said they recognized me from church. My bad. I totally didn't recognize any of them. But I did recognize their kids, probably because kids in church are still a novelty to me. Anyway, I got to know them a bit then turned my attention back to the playground to get in some time on the slide and in the sand. As my friend the Black Widow noted, "So, you joined a playgroup... as one of the kids?" Apparently! While the "other moms" were talking amongst themselves I was on the slide with my 3 yr old and their 3 yr olds making a train over and over and over. Oh, we were having a great time.

Suddenly, there was a problem. My miniature friend looked at me with panic in her eyes and exclaimed, "I have to go potty!" Unfortunately, there were no bathrooms at the park. Being prepared for a moment like this did not occur to me before we left the house. Call me self centered.

I asked the moms in vain if there was a bathroom nearby. Graciously one of them offered to let us go to her house across the street to use her facilities. They started packing up but, I soon realized that would not do. My dear, miniature, panicked friend had waited until the last possible moment to inform me that she was fixin' to talk to a man about a horse and there would be no walking across the street to do so. The panic spread from her eyes to mine as I looked to the moms for some guidance.

"We make our boys go in the rocks" they said. Hold up. My minifriend is a girl. She ain't skilled in the squatting if you know what I mean. By the time I got my wits about me minifriend had already started the accident in her pants and added tears for effect. I whisked her to the rocks, yanked down her pants and sat her over my arm so she could finish her business. When I thought the piddle had petered out I asked her if she was finished. She looked at me with a blank look in her eyes which I had no idea how to interpret. At least the crying had stopped. I asked her again. No response. And then... she dropped the deuce. Oh yeah. She went #2 right there in the rocks while I held my arm out for her to sit on.

Do you know what you do when you have a kid go #1 and #2 in the rocks while sitting on your arm? You pray there is a mother standing there with her magical diaper bag full of tricks. It was now me with the blank look in my eyes as I turned to my new mom friends with no clue what to do next. There they were with babywipes and a plastic garbage bag for me to clean up the mess. Thank th'goodness. Once minifriend was taken care of (and smiling and happy again with no consideration for the trauma I was now going through) I took the plastic bag and picked up the poop.

People. Do you know the main reason why I don't have a dog? I don't have a dog because picking up dog poop makes me dry heave. It's disgusting. Let me tell you, picking up child poop in the same manner? Not. Any. Better. But, I did it.

I now considered the mile long return walk home and the chaffing that would occur on that poor girl if I didn't carry her and the pee soaked pants she was wearing that would get all over me if I did carry her. Umm... But, there they were again, my new mom friends offering me a ride home. Again, thank th'goodness. I didn't want to get pee all over the mom's seat so I made minifriend sit on my lap on the way home thus saturating my clothes with pee anyway. But, we were home and I could pass her off to her parent to clean up the rest of the mess.

As we walked in the door she exclaimed with a smile, "I peed in the park!" as if it were her greatest accomplishment. We were both proud of ourselves. She peed in the park and I didn't sell her to the gypsy family down the street for putting me through the trauma of dealing with it.

So, while the moms haven't called me to invite me back to playgroup (understandably) I can take heart knowing that I taught my miniature friend one of the most valuable skills she will ever need in life: how to squat in nature.

The end.

31 FOR 31

I'm almost 2 months late posting this so I'd better get on it. I hereby present you my list of 31 things I will do at the age of 31 (seriously, I can't believe I'm now "in my thirties").
  1. go to the Grand Canyon
  2. ride a horse*
  3. take photos in a photobooth*
  4. read the Book of Mormon in french*
  5. read 20 books
  6. run 500 miles
  7. run a marathon
  8. photograph an entire wedding
  9. go geocaching outside of Las Vegas
  10. buy art
  11. frame my own photography
  12. ride my bike to church
  13. go to DC
  14. pay off credit cards
  15. take swimming lessons
  16. go skinny dipping*
  17. go to an amusement park
  18. find a (photography) mentor
  19. research organic foods
  20. have a spa day*
  21. go to a demolition derby
  22. attend First Friday
  23. share a Book of Mormon with someone
  24. read the entire Harry Potter series again
  25. go hiking in the Valley of Fire
  26. make a quilt
  27. play the piano in Sacrament Mtg (special musical number)
  28. donate money to a worthy cause
  29. compile a book (a la David Sedaris)
  30. lose 31lbs
  31. get married* (I'll just keep this one on the list for good measure until it finally happens)
Who wants in on what??

*denotes unaccomplished repeats from 30 for 30

11 February 2009

30 for 30: recap ammendment

  • confess to a crush - retro check! I think it went very well. I didn't confess to my girl crush. I confessed to a boy. A real boy. I think he already knew ;)

09 February 2009

30 for 30: Recap

I can say without hesitation that 30 was seriously one of the best years of my life. Nothing huge or overwhelming happened. It was the best because I felt happy for the entire year (which was a huge relief from kind of crappy years 27, 28 & 29). Just REALLY happy.

Alas, 30 couldn't last forever, which is just really unfortunate... but then again, maybe I'll just lie about my age and 30 really CAN stay forever! Anyway, here's a recap of the 30 things I planned to do this year.

30 for 30

  • run a half marathon - Check! In fact, I ran 3 of them (Moab, SLC & Hobble Creek) and LOVED each one. The half is now my favorite distance and I will continue to run several each year.
  • take a continuing education class - Check! I took a beginning photography class at CSN. I did not expect to fall in love with it as much as I did, nor did I expect it to launch me into a new career.
  • read "The Count of Monte Cristo" (unabridged version) - Check! That's a good book.
  • stay out all night - Check! I learned to carry a toothbrush with me at all times because you just never know when you're not going to go home.
  • write a short story - Half Check. Consider it a VERY short story. I wrote the first part. I still intend on writing the middle and the end.
  • karaoke in a crowded bar - Check! "Total Eclipse of the Heart" never sounded so good. By the way... it's a very, very, very long song.
  • attend an mlb playoff game - Half Fail. I bought my tickets for a playoff game that never happened. Boo.
  • use a fake name/story - Check! You can call me "Shelby".
  • road trip to nowhere - Fail! Unless you consider Utah "nowhere".
  • play in the rain - Check!
  • make a budget and at least try to stick to it - Super Fail!
  • kiss someone in a crazy location - Fail! I don't even want to talk about this one.
  • attend church services of a different religion - Fail!
  • cook with homegrown herbs - Fail! I didn't even try to grow them.
  • go skinny dipping - Fail!
  • confess to a crush - Fail! I should probably have made this "get a crush". OK, truth be told, I did get a crush. But it was a girl crush and I never got the courage to confess to her because I was 200% sure she'd freak out and never talk to me again.
  • have a spa day - Fail! The sad thing is I really deserved it.
  • make a rad bleach pen shirt - Check! I made several and have more in the works. Who wants one?
  • hike havasupai - Fail! I had my trip planned and everything. Then, a couple of weeks before the trip a flood wiped the whole place out. Very dissappointed!
  • go one month without tv - Fail! I hardly watch TV anyway. I did go a whole month without soda though.
  • swing on a rope swing - Fail! I didn't even SEE a rope swing.
  • take photos in a photo booth - Super Fail! It seemed so easy and fun that I kept putting it off until it was too late. Bad idea.
  • go to a drive in movie - Check! One of the greatest nights of my life.
  • read the Book of Mormon in french - Fail! At least I read it in english. Too bad I only read it once.
  • get a stamp in my passport - Super Check! Amazing trip! Though I should probably finish blogging about it.
  • buy a digital SLR camera - Check! It changed my life.
  • ride a horse - Fail! Very sad about this one.
  • transition to a family ward gracefully - Check! And I love it. A lot. I don't miss the singles ward AT ALL.
  • lose 20lbs - Half Check. I lost it, but then I gained half of it back at the holidays. Oops.
  • get married - Fail! But I'm totally cool with that.

14 out of 30. Well, it ain't bad but it ain't good either. Regardless, it was a fantastic year.

something's rotten in denmark

I've always suspected I am a victim of multiple personalities - I mean, how could someone like demolition derbys AND broadway, roller derby AND art museums, country music AND punk pop, camping AND 4 star hotels, country towns AND big cities, Walmart AND Nordstrom? I love everything. Everything is my favorite.

While my multiple personality disorder was suspected it was never confirmed until the other day as I was working with a darling British girl who was in town from New York. She asked me where I was from. This question always throws me into a bit of a panic because I'm never quite sure what question they're really asking. Do they mean 'Where were you raised?' or do they mean 'What is your ethnic background?' I never know. See, if I know people are asking the latter question I kind of like to mess with them and answer "Utah" just to watch them squirm a bit until they figure out how to ask the question correctly. This time around I went with the standard answer.

"I'm from Utah."

Her follow up to my answer was NOT expected.

"Oh really? I would have guessed you were from, like, Denmark or something."

Denmark? Really? I'd never gotten that one before. But then it hit me. A realization that was both embarassing and wildly entertaining.

I have a Utah accent.

It's true. While my friend and family would most likely disagree with me (because my everyday accent is not Utahn) it is nevertheless true. See, I have this thing that I do when I am trying to sound professional or am around people upon whom I'm trying to make a good impression. I subconsiously adopt a fake accent. I try to speak clearly and confidently but what it comes out sounding like is a Utah accent. Did you catch the irony in that statement? When trying to sound smart and educated I come out sounding exactly the opposite. My professional personality is apparently a small town Utahn.

It hit me then and there that I've been doing this for years without realizing it. Kind of like how half way through the mission I realized that when I spoke french I spoke with a higher voice to sound... I dunno... more french (though everyone thought I was either from Canada or the Netherlands).

I suppose a NY based Brit wouldn't really know what a Utah accent sounds like so the closest thing she could guess was Danish. Why can't I adopt something more sophisticated like her darlin british accent? No... I choose to go back to my roots... or 'rhuts' as we'd say up 'Narth'.

Now that I know I do this am I going to stop? Nope. Why? Because, I love Utah. Also, because the fake accent totally aligns with my plans of one day becoming legit crazy.

06 February 2009

good morning

Hey guys.
I miss you. I know it's my own fault. I've been a little out of it blogwise.
I've got a few posts milling around in my brain. I'll do my best to commit them to type soon(ish).

In the meantime please enjoy this song/video I found on another blog. It may be the most fantastic video I've ever seen. Then again, how could I not love something that combines my two favorite things in the world - being in bed during the day and awesomeness.

10 January 2009

Christy is blogging.

First- don't you hate it when people on Facebook change their status every few minutes to the most boring things?
Second- my friend dared me to do this.
So... Just in case you are not my Facebook friend* and weren't able to track my day on friday here is what I was doing in backwards chronological order. You are welcome.

12:38pm - Christy is done updating about the minutiae of her day and knows you are all sad about that.

12:55am - Christy is home now.
1:00am - Tifani
I like that I can look back and see all your activities for the day. So many activities!
9:09pm - Christy went to dinner with Tifani and is now going to go take photos of flowers... and is not mad at josh.

5:48pm - Christy is leaving work and driving home... and is by no means mad at josh.

5:17pm - Christy is marvelling that she has only taken ONE potty break today... and this has nothing to do with not being mad at josh.

5:07pm - Christy just turned on her space heater... and couldn't be mad at josh if she tried.

5:04pm - Christy is working again... and is not mad at josh.

5:01pm - Christy is IMing w/ Tifani & wondering if other people would think they are as funny as they think they are and is sure that yes, yes they would... and is not mad josh.
1:00am - Tifani
We really are the funniest people I know.
4:36pm - Christy is blogging... and it's not about josh.

4:15pm - Christy is ready to start detailing again and counting down until she leaves the office... and is not mad at josh.
4:23pm - Josh
so nice.
4:00pm - Christy is floss picking her teeth... and has never been mad at josh.
4:28pm - Josh
this one too.
3:44pm - Christy pounded those fries and is now eating her bacon cheeseburger toaster in order to properly observe fast food friday... and is not mad at josh.

3:41pm - Christy is eating her fries and fry sauce... and could never be mad at josh.
4:28pm Josh
i like this one
3:38pm - Christy is back from sonic and is mad at the wind... but is not mad at josh.

3:19pm - Christy is going to sonic for lunch and will be back in a minute... and is not mad at josh.
3:23pm - Kelli
im so glad you are not mad at josh :)
3:23pm Tifani
lunch just now? Really! Interesting!
3:18pm - Christy thinks SHE is the most interesting person on linkup and is wondering where have all the good guys gone... and is not mad at josh.

3:16pm - Christy is wasting time on ldslinkup right now... and is not mad at josh.

3:05pm - Christy is texting and responding to emails... and is not mad at josh.
3:44pm - Megan
Come on Christy!!! Everyone is secretly mad at Josh, even if they don't admit it. I am so mad at him right now and I can't even remember why. I just know he deserves it. Haha.
5:07pm Josh
i hate you megan.
2:58pm - Christy is back from the bathroom and is thinking about what to eat for lunch... and is not mad at josh.

2:55pm - Christy is going to go to the bathroom... and is not mad at josh.

1:10pm - Christy is going to a meeting at an architects office.
2:16pm - Amanda
I'm almost sorry I confirmed you as a friend - there are too many updates! ;)
2:33pm - Maren
Are you done with your meeting yet? I need to know what else is going on in your life! And I am mad at Josh.
1:06pm - Christy is drawing steel beam details... and is not mad at josh.
1:10pm - Tory
I am getting mad at this Josh, just because you are SO not mad!
2:32pm - Maren
I don't know you but I like you Tony!
2:38pm - Josh
what the hell! this is going too far. strangers are hatin' on me!
12:56pm - Christy is going to use the copy machine... and is not mad at josh.
12:58pm - Tifani
Now the copy machine! Amazing! I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the latest updates in the exciting life of Christy! And, I am mad at Josh.
11:43am - Christy is back to drawing details... and is really not mad at josh.
12:02pm - Tifani
Thank you for providing the minute by minute details. I feel so much a part of your day now. Like I am there in the office with you. And, I am mad at Josh.
11:39am - Christy is talking to a client on the phone.
11:44am - Christy
... and is not mad at josh.
11:38am - Christy just walked back to the drafters' office and is now back at her desk... and is not mad at josh.

11:27am - Christy is back to drawing details... and is still not mad at josh.
11:31am - Maren
Wow! That is so interesting and fascinating. By the way I am STILL mad at that dirtbag Josh.
11:11am - Christy is drawing floor framing details... and is not mad at josh.

11:05am - Christy is talking to her coworker about hot rod and nacho libre... and is still not mad at josh.

10:35am - Christy is drawing framing details... and is not mad at josh.

10:05am - Christy is totally not mad at josh at all.

*Let's be Facebook friends!

09 January 2009

i ain't no childbride

When I get married I'm not going to change my Facebook**** status to "married" and my new last name* the day I get married like so many childbrides** do.

No, I'm going to change them the day before I get married just so I can booyah in their faces for being lame enough to wait as long as they did.

See... ya learn a thing or two from being single for as long as I have.

*Let it be known that in real life when I do actually get married I am not changing my last name. This is not out of principle. It's out of shear laziness.
**Also let it be known that this is not a bitter diatribe. No really. I swear***.
***Does it sound like I'm trying to convince myself?
****Let's be Facebook friends. I only need 8 more friends to get to 400 and I'm all about the numbers.

06 January 2009

yum yum

Seems even the gods of fortune cookies support me in this career change.
Today after a delicious Thai lunch I got a real fortune cookie, not one of those lame advice/statement cookies.

"You will soon be changing your present line of work"

If that isn't a sign I don't know what is.

01 January 2009

Christy Cropper Photography

*an email I just sent to all my contacts. Same info applies to you!

Hello friends and family!

I'm excited to be venturing (slowly but surely) into a new career field- Photography!

I've done a fair amount of landscape work but am looking to expand into wedding and portrait photography within this next year (Hurray for 2009!). You can check out some of the work I've posted on my blog at http://cropstar.blogspot.com/search/label/photos and I will eventually start posting all photography work at http://christycropperphotography.blogspot.com/ (say that 10 times fast!)

As I need to expand (ie. start) my portfolio and get some much needed practice doing portraits I'm offering free photo sessions for the month of January (after which my fees will be very modest until I become legit... too legit to quit). Anything from family photos to individual shots. This will include a CD of all the best shots as well as several "enhanced" photos (read: I also need to practice using photoshop!)

Some ideas:
Family group shots
Head shots
Senior portraits

I am really excited about this and would absolutely love to "shoot" you and your families. Please feel free to refer any of your friends and family to me as well. The more shooting I do the better!

Feel free to contact me via email at christycropperphotography@gmail.com to schedule a shoot. If there is enough interest from you Utah folks I would love to make a trip up towards the end of the month.

I hope your Christmas was lovely and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love to you all!

PS- to all the Las Vegans, I'm still accepting piano students if you (or anyone you know) are interested in piano lessons.