08 February 2010

01 February 2010

32 for 32

Right now I have a mile long list of things I should be doing (sleeping being high on the list) but instead I can't get my mind off of how excited I am about being an even age this year. My odd years are never quite as good (ie- they suck) as my even years so for 362 of the 365 days of 2009 I was just waiting for the year to get over with. Arrival!

I herewith present my 32 for 32.

  1. stop putting off going to the grand canyon and go to the grand canyon already
  2. read "Les Miserable" (unabridged)
  3. get rid of everything in my closet that doesn't reflect my true style (attempt replenishing)
  4. send Thank You cards
  5. quit at least one of my jobs
  6. ride a razor scooter in Europe
  7. piece a quilt
  8. go to the temple monthly
  9. learn to make stir fry like my mom
  10. start a beach cruiser bike gang
  11. turn a photo into a jigsaw puzzle
  12. throw a fancy party
  13. crash a wedding
  14. go to calico ghost town
  15. go to 20 concerts/live shows
  16. photoshoot at the dry lake bed
  17. go to a play
  18. have a mohawk... or fauxhawk
  19. do tin foil dinners
  20. keep my room clean for two consecutive weeks
  21. post more pics on le blog
  22. knit something
  23. attend a photography workshop
  24. put shelves in my storage room
  25. learn to play the ukelele
  26. go hiking in Zion
  27. watch a meteor shower
  28. go kayaking
  29. road trip with just one other person
  30. read the book of mormon in french
  31. pay off my car loan
  32. go to a rave


My sister has a blog. She's the creative one in the family.

I was perusing today and found something she wrote about me that I loved:

"a small part of her never grew up although she turned out quite grown up and lovely anyway"

And that's why it's great to have sisters. They know me like no one else does.

ps- is it any wonder that one of my favorite books in the world is Peter Pan?