30 October 2009


Attention- THIS IS A CONTEST. And, I want you to enter.

The other day I was driving around and listening to my ipod, George Michael (named in honor of the great George Micheal and George Michael Bluth). So, I started thinking about mixed tapes and how it would be nice to have someone to make a mix tape for... you know... someone like a boyfriend. And, I was also thinking about how there is so much amazing music out there that I don't even know about and how I know a lot of great music that other people don't know about and how it would be really awesome to share it all. Because, who needs a significant other just to enjoy love songs. Also, I go to a lot of weddings. I always laugh when a DJ plays a song that sounds like a love song because it's slow and pretty but really if you listen to the words you realize it's a breakup song. Gets me every time. I also spend a lot (more than is healthy) of time thinking about wedding videos and songs that would be awesome on a wedding video. Anyway...

Thus was born in my mind the "Mix Tape of Love" contest. So will you enter?

Here are the rules:

1) Mix Tapes must be submitted to me in the form of a CD (I know... seems wrong to call it a tape) via hand delivery or mail. Email me at cropstar5 at hotmail dot com and I will email you back my address.
2) MToL entries must have a minimum of 10 songs and a maximum of 20 songs.
3) The first half of the MToL must contain super cheesy, cliche love songs that you are embarassed to admit you love. The second half of the MToL must contain really amazing, rad love songs- the kind that you listen to on repeat for hours on end.
4) Entries must include a playlist including song names and artists.
5) Entries must be received by December 1st. That gives you one month, people.
6) Points will be given to cheesy love songs that make me laugh. Points will be given to amazing love songs that make me hit repeat. Points will also be granted based on originality and creativity.
7) The Winner will be declared... as soon as I listen to all the CDs (depending on how many entries there are... you know, like if all 1 of you who still read this blog want to enter).
8) All playlists will be posted here when the winner is announced.
9) The Winner will receive, um, something really cool. Like an iTunes gift card. All entries will receive some sort of prize (though it probably won't be as cool as a gift card).

For reals- spread the word to everyone you know, especially all the music connoisseurs you can think of. The more playlists we get, the more amazing music we all discover. It's a win, win, win situation, n'est-ce pas?

Edit- Bonus point for including a break up song posing as a love song. You know, the kind you'd hear at a wedding.