24 February 2007

I could live there...

I took a road trip home this weekend with a side trip to Price. Beautiful!I went down to see this character... 2 week old Cannon.
Cannon is the product of Stacy and Erick. Stacy has been my best friend since 1984, 23 years ago, when she moved into the house next door. I'd say she's more family than friend and I'm totally in love with her little fam!
But these characters stole all my attention.
Hunter and Zac I LOVE you!
They got it!
And they're just so cool!
And they do clean up well.
Ah! They're so cute they break my heart!
But I fear for that poor baby.
With 2 big brothers like this he's got no hope.
Monday morning I woke up to this.
Welcome to winter!
But it does have a magical effect.
Snow is the thing that I love and hate about Utah. I love living outside of "the bubble" but I hate being so far away from these kids and my fam. I'm frightened to admit that more that once the thought that ran through my head was "I could move back here."

16 February 2007

15 February 2007

3 sets of 12 reps

I've always been a pretty vain person. But, now my vanity has reached an all new high. I actually have a crush on my bangs. I'm totally obsessed with the new hair style. Here's proof of how great I look:
1) the overall view
2) the close up
c) the suglasses bangs combo

My stylist told me I'd have to train my bangs since I haven't had bangs for about 22 years. The great thing about training your hair is that it doesn't get sore like your muscles do. I think my sets and reps are going well. Whaddya think??

ps- I just got a new camera so there will be lots more photos here. My other camera died because I dropped it too many times. oops.

14 February 2007

still waiting

12 text messages already today (which started at 5:30am! Balls, you're dead!) and still haven't received the one I want.

I know it's not coming.

So why do I keep hoping for it??

13 February 2007

channeling posh spice

Before:Stay tuned for the after...

feel good science

check them out here

and at what point did this become a music blog?


From an AP article "Will Christians back a Mormon candidate?"

Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics Commission, said he doesn't see Romney's Mormon faith as an insurmountable problem.

"I think his Mormonism is going to be a bigger problem with the 'unchurched' than the 'churched,'" Land said. "The unchurched are fairly distrustful of and sometimes hostile of the churched, and they look upon Mormons as, sort of, religion on steroids. The churched respect people who take their faith seriously."

"religion on steroids"... haha. I love that.

I (heart) country pt 2


Country boyfriend #4 is coming in concert! You have no idea how excited I am! And it's not just any concert...

The Clark County Fair & Rodeo is proud to present Blake Shelton in concert Thursday April 12, at 8:30pm.

So... here's the plan for april 12th- fair, rodeo, boyfriend blake.
Again... who's in??

We'll Carry On!!

"Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance has been on repeat since 8am.
This song is great. It makes me want to turn up the music really loud and dance around. In fact, I think the other drivers really enjoyed my car dancing on the way to work this morning.

12 February 2007

Today, I'm pretty much in love with this guy: And this guy:

And also with this guy:
At a future date... like, maybe later on this afternoon... I'll take the opportunity to bear my testimony of country music and share my conversion story. But as for now I'll just say that I'm in love with country. All I want to do this summer is go see all my favorite country artists in concert. Who's in?
Might I also just make mention of the fact that I cry almost everytime I listen to country. Granted I have been extra weepy lately... cuz that's what boys make you do... cry.

09 February 2007


"Le Christ est le createur, le guerisseur. Ce qu'il a cree, il peut guerir. L'evangile de Jesus-Christ est l'evangile de repentir et de pardon."
~Boyd K Packer (4/06)

"Good men sometimes make mistakes. A man of integrity wil honestly face and correct the mistakes, and that is an example we can respect. Sometimes men try but fail. Not all worthy objectives are realized despite one's honest and best efforts. True manhood is not always measured by the fruits of one's labors but by the labors themselves- by one's strivings."
~D Todd Christofferson (10/06)

No Props

People who have Gastric Bypass, Lap Band or any of the like in order to lose weight should NOT be included in "Before & After" weight loss articles. Sorry. It's just not right. You didn't do it on your own. No Props to you.

As Blake Shelton puts it...

Don't Make Me.

just don't

08 February 2007

little b

Everyone who knows a child needs to buy one of these aprons for said child. They're awesome!

And, I'm not just saying that because I'm partial.

little b aprons are made by one of my best friends. Contact her to order or for more info.

FYI- if you contact her via email please note the address should read britneyhillstead at gmail dot com

Handy Girl

OK the title of this post totally reminded me of the SNL commercial for "Handi-off". Funniest thing.

Anyway... I figured out why I had no hot water. Ya see, I just may have been fiddling around with my circuit breakers because I finally found the circuit box which for some unknown reason is on the outside wall of my garage giving the world full access to it. I assume I messed with the circuit tied to the water heater and caused my pilot light to go out. After a little research I found out I could just turn the thing off and restart it and the pilot light would magically come back on. Good thing I didn't have to pay a repair man to come do that. I'm so smart. I'm smart enough to get hot water and use the situation as an excuse not to come to work. Brilliant.

Cheers for long, blazing hot showers!

07 February 2007

Let it be known, I will abandon all responsibilty for free tickets. Especially free tickets to a show I've been wanting to see since I moved back to Vegas. Free is the only way to go.
El Dub hooked me up once again and this time with 4 tickets to see "Mamma Mia!" I brought along 3 of my best gf's and we sang along and danced our way through the show... and I only almost fell asleep once.
It was pretty entertaining and I was impressed at how the writers of the show were able to create an entire storyline out of all those ABBA songs. So, that's what I did yesterday.
PS- about last weekend. In retrospect it was really great. Really great. I got to sleep in, enjoy the 80+ degree weather and spend time with people I love. Saturday I made dinner for the boy and my sis then the boy and I went dancing. I always thought I was a decent dancer until I saw him dance. Now, I'm like... I suck at dancing. But, that will only encourage me to go more!
Saturday the sis and I went on a nice long walk then to brunch, which was really good. Then I drove down to Huntington Beach to spend time with the H's. I've known J since elementary school and BHill has been one of my best friends since high school. And I'm now best friends with their daughter. We hung out at their place then went for a drive to see the Newport Beach Temple. Beautiful! Spending time with them was exactly what I needed and I'm excited to go back and spend more time with them. The best thing I've heard in a long time is that sunday morning baby girl woke up looking for me! Aww!
Sunday I went to ALL 3 hours of church with the sis. That's a rarity for me when I'm outta town. I figure if I have to go to church for 6 hours every week while I'm at home then I get a vacation from church when I'm on vacation. I realize it's not the wisest reasoning... but, whatever. After church we drove out to Redlands and saw the Temple there and the surrounding orchards. Beautiful. Then just for curiousity sake we drove out to Palm Springs. Granted we were there during the SuperBowl but it seems the only people in Palm Springs were middle age, trashy folk and gay guys. Umm... ok.
Anyway, I had to hit the road to get back to Vegas right after we returned so it was a lot of time in the car but it was all worth it. I felt pretty numb my whole drive back with actually felt kind of nice.
In any case, trips to LA are always good.
pps- Baby Canon was borned this week. So, looks like I'll be making a trip to Utah for President's Day weekend because I want to see him! and the boys of course.
ppps- I'm in love with Joe Nichols. The two songs for the week are "Size Matters" and "The Impossible" Check them out.

06 February 2007

The Day Dawn is Breaking

OK... so sorry about yesterday. It was a bad morning. The day got better though. So, I'm done swearing (for the time being).

Today is already turning out to be a great day. This morning I woke up at 5am and went running. It was pretty amazing. I've never been so happy to be running. I was reminded of getting up at 5:30am in Mauritius to go running with Vial. I was never too happy about it when we got started but the sprint home and the gorgeous sun rises always made it worth it. This morning was no different. The sunrise was amazing. I had to stop in the middle of the road and just stare and thank Heavenly Father for it. And I was in such a good mood that I wasn't even that upset about having to take a cold shower... yeah, I have NO idea why there was no hot water.

But, the thing about getting up at 5am is that by 8am (the time I usually get out of bed) I'm already ready for a nap.

Also... I hate being cold. My office is freezing today. And, I'm sure the cold shower didn't help.

05 February 2007

shit damn & hell

Today is a day for swearing. And I'm not going to appologize for it.
This weekend did not go as planned.
And... AND... I effing (gotta draw the line somewhere) just accidentally erased everything on my IPod! Now I have to reload everything from my 2 computers.

Also, by way of a PSA... no one will be seeing me or hearing from me until April 21st. Don't take it personally.