27 November 2009

Day 26 of Gratitude

I was going to do an awesome picture post documenting my awesome day full of awesome Thanksgiving activities. I didn't make it past this activity though:
Wow. SUPER flattering picture, n'est-ce pas?

Yep. That's me. In bed. And yes, I do sleep with my computer, books, water bottle and other sundry items. I had tentitively planned on doing some lovely things but ended up spending most of the day in bed- sleeping, lounging, internetting. I watched movies, puzzled, ate. My crowning accomplishment for the day was showering. Yay, me.

This year I didn't get to spend the day with my family (sad), cooking or eating. But I truly felt the spirit of the holiday as I was able to spend much of my lazy day reflecting upon the things for which I'm thankful. And indeed, I have much to be thankful for:

1. My knowledge of God and His plan (even though sometime I wish His plan for me aligned more with what want and not what I need).
2. My good health despite the lack of care I give to my body.
3. My supportive family, their love and friendship.
4. My dear friends who I love spending time with but who understand when I just need to have some alone time.
5. And, you, my dear blog readers, my pets, my lovelies. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to send my thoughts into cyberspace and to feel like they mean something.

Hope your Thanksgiving was full of thanks and giving.

25 November 2009

Day 25 of Gratitude

Today, I am grateful for all the lovely people in my life who invited me to share Thanksgiving dinner with them (since my mom told me not to come home this year *single tear) even though I politely declined all offers so that I could spend the entire day with ME, doing whatever I feel like doing. I am so excited.

24 November 2009

Day 24 of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for a black & white dress and electric blue tights. Those tights made me (and some other people) happy.

23 November 2009

Day 23 of Gratitude

Stuffing. Creme Brulee. Pumpkin Pie. Carmel Apple Cake. Roast Vegetables.

Today I'm grateful that I work in a catering kitchen and get to bring home delicious left overs all. the. time.

Here's to celebrating Thanksgiving early!

22 November 2009

Day 22 of Gratitude

Today I really, truly am grateful for all things church (except the last talk in Sacrament Meeting, because, boring!).

I'm grateful for the Lord's patience with me when I'm being stubborn. I'm grateful that when I decide I'm ready to listen, I can hear what He needs to tell me, whether it be through the Apostles, the Bishop, the Relief Society teacher or the teenager who was forced to speak in Sac Mtg.

21 November 2009

Day 21 of Gratitude

My backlog of gratitude is coming. Let's just say, it was hard to get back into "real life" mode after being on "vacation" mode for a week.

Today I'm grateful that my bride (of the wedding I'm shooting) is so freaking gorgeous and such a natural in front of the camera. It makes my job so, so easy. Seriously, she's one of those girls that you just want to hate because she's so beautiful. But, then you get to know her and realize how awesome she is. Then, you can't help but love her. Love. It's the word of the day.

20 November 2009

19 November 2009

Day 19 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for GLEE! And, I'm grateful that I can watch it online whenever I want (for free) since I'm never home to watch TV and can't pay for dvr(tivo).

If you haven't started watching this show I'd highly recommend you do so now. Genius.

And, here's my fav thing that's happened lately.

18 November 2009

Day 18 of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful for my new alarm clock. I'm not happy that it went off at 5am but I'm at least relieved that I didn't sleep through it. Waking up to NPR is great.

17 November 2009

Day 17 of Gratitude

Today I'm grateful that I get to come home to my lovely little house and sleep in my lovely litle bed and be with all of my lovely stuff. As great as it is to be on vacation, it is also great to come home.

16 November 2009

Day 16 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for the Clark County Library System. Seriously, it's genius.

Books. Movies. CDs. I take full advantage. My local library is one of my favorite places to go.

15 November 2009

Day 15 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for the discount I get at work. Buying clothes for myself and others is so much nicer when you only have to pay 1/2 the price.

14 November 2009

Day 14 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful for my family. As is true with most families, they are crazy. But, I love them. A lot.

I'm grateful that we had a peaceful week together. I'm grateful that we all have fun together. Like, seriously, we're hilarious. I'm grateful to know that if ever I was in need, no matter what it was, I could turn to my family and they would be there for me in a split second. They're the best.

*Commence sassy comments from the sisters.

13 November 2009

Day 13 of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for my polynesian heritage. It is such a rich, beautiful culture.
Everyone who ever knew a poly, who ever spent time in the islands or saw one (a poly, not an island) walking down the street feels like, wants to be or thinks they are poly by association. There's a reason for this.

I'm grateful that I don't have to fake being a polynesian or that it's not a culture that I get to experience for one day at PCC. I get to keep it my whole entire life and beyond. Maybe someday I'll take the time to really write a good, hearty post about this topic but for now, I'm just grateful for my heritage. And, that because if it, I can get a really great tan.

12 November 2009

Day 10, 11 & 12 of Gratitude

I'm still in Hawaii. And, for now that's all I need to feel grateful.
Sometimes gratitude needs to be simple.

05 November 2009

Day 5 of Gratitude

Today, I'm grateful that I seriously injured my car by backing into a stucco pillar and will most likely need to get my entire rear bumper replaced.

Oh... except that I'm not grateful for that at all. In fact, I'm really upset about that. Stupid accident. Should have paid better attention.

So, for realsies... Today, I'm grateful for a really enjoyable night at a job I usually hate to go to.

04 November 2009

Day 4 of Gratitude

Yes, people. This really is going to happen everyday this month. Get used to it.

Today I'm grateful for ChaCha being a fat kid with me and stopping at two fast food joints to fulfill our cravings. It's good to have friends who will support you in your bad habits.

I should also say that I'm grateful that ChaCha went to the temple with me. I definitely needed a friend as it had been a very long time (cough cough seven months cough cough) since I've gotten there. I'll spare you the reasons why (and no it's not because I wasn't worthy... what kind of a girl do you think I am? Don't answer that). It's also good to have friends who will encourage you to get better habits.

03 November 2009

Day 3 of Gratitude

A stoplight. The breakroom. In line. Eating.

These are the little moments I'm grateful for today. Stolen moments wherein I can enter a literary world so different or so similar to my own. Sometimes a sentence, sometimes a paragraph, sometimes a few pages. I cherish these moments.

I always carry a book with me. Always. In the rare instances when I've forgotten it I panic. I feel like my left arm has been cut off. Waiting in line, at a stoplight, anywhere without a book is excruciating (only a slight exaggeration, I think).

The thing is: I love books. I love reading. I love passages that describe something so perfectly. I love learning. I love escaping to another world. I love connecting with myself through other's experiences. So not only am I grateful for the few moments in each day when I get to read, I am grateful for a conscious decision I made at the age of 21 to learn to love reading.

02 November 2009

Day 2 of Gratitude

I'm grateful that I finally found someone to play Battleship with me.
And, that that someone bought me pizza and ice cream, too.

This is the same box that I have for (one of) my battleship game(s). I bought it at D.I. a few months ago because it was the same version I grew up with. I know I shouldn't find this funny but notice where the women are. Yes, in the kitchen doing dishes. Lovesit.

01 November 2009

Feet meet Street

This morning I was watching the telecast of the ING NYC Marathon and heaven help me if I didn't cry through the whole thing.

I was pulling for Paula Radcliffe and Ryan Hall naturally. But as they fell back and the finish line neared my attention was turned.

Derartu Tulu was strong. She sprinted away from the competition looking like she could run another 26.2 miles. But it wasn't her win that impressed me most. It was her character.
"She ran alongside me and was like, come on, come on. We can do it, we can do it," a disappointed Radcliffe told reporters.
"Even when the girls took off she kind of waited with me a bit. But that's Derartu, She's always been like that." [
I cried alongside Meb Keflezighi as he crossed the finish line with USA written across his chest and broke down in tears. Tears of joy. Tears of exhaustion. Mine were tears of awe. Tears of gratitude and pride in someone who became a citizen just over a decade ago yet represents the spirit of this nation better than most who have lived here forever.

It wasn't just the runners that moved me. It was running in general. There is something very special about running. I can't describe exactly what it is nor can you know unless you've allowed your feet to meet the street. Perhaps it has something to do with putting miles behind you, not only literally, but figuratively. Something to do with letting go of the past and embracing what lies ahead of you. Something to do with having the courage to do what and go where you never thought you could. Perhaps it has something to do with conquering a particular distance, a particular course that reveals your physical strength and mental tenacity. Something to do with teaching you about yourself and your ability to conquer the challenging course of everyday life.

Whatever it is. Running is special.

And, after a year long hiatus I am ready once again for my feet to meet the street.

Day 1 of Gratitude

I'm grateful that I never have to cover my entire face in black makeup or spray my hair black ever again.

Though the results were super awesome. Happy Halloween.

Get it?