16 December 2009

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

I quite sure you're still waiting on the edge of your seat for this news. Behold! We have a winner of the Mix Tape of Love contest!! Huzzah!

And the winner is...


I should have known you'd win, since everything you do, you do awesomely. Woot!

It was a tight race to be sure and you all did very well with the challenge. I'll post the playlists this weekend (when I'm not working steady 6am-10pm).

Stay tuned for a Mix Tape of Breakup Songs challenge in the new year.

10 December 2009

And the winner is...

gonna hafta wait.

Sorry, dearhearts. But, I'm exhausted. I'm working about 25hrs/day this week and don't have time to finish listening and declare a winner of MToL (although I'm pretty sure I already know who it's going to be).

Stay tuned. Maybe saturday will be the day. Perhaps sunday. fml.

07 December 2009

Brie, please!

I know it kind of feels like contest central around here. Sorry to bombard you but... BUT!

I think you all need to head over to a little sussy to vote for my sister's Toasted Cranapple Brie Sandwich (France). The one by Kalani Cropper.

Also, you should head over to Kalani's new blog Kalanicut. Delightful!

And since I haven't posted any good photos of anything good for a good long time I'll share the ditty I created for my birthday invite. Yes, I stole the pic from the interweb but I made it better.

PS- If you want to celebrate my birthday with me, save the date for January 2 & 3. You're all invited. Flogging Molly. Singstar. Cupcakes. Need I say more?

06 December 2009


Big thanks to everyone who entered the contest. I'm waiting for the last few entries to trickle in and I've started the listening.

Might I say: You are all brilliant and I love you for entering.

Winner will be announced on 12/10(ish).

01 December 2009

Mix Tape of Love: addendum... OK, FINE!

OK, y'all.

I fully sympathize (empathize? I never know the diff) with the inability to either gather or actually SEND your submissions for MToL.

I'm extending the deadline for 4 days only.

Also... submissions may be emailed to me in the form of a playlist only- artist & song.

I'll do the work and find the songs. The important thing here is that I get the playlists.
If you would like to submit via actual CD that is still encouraged. But, I'd love to help the helpless here (not that I think you're helpless even though you've had a month to do this and still haven't been able to get your butt in gear... I'm just saying).

Playlists (song & artist) due by Dec 5th.

Email to cropstar5 at hotmail dot com

Seriously, if the Black Widow's MOM can do it, so can you.


Guess what day it is. December 1st.

Guess how many contest entries I've received. Zero.


I guess I win?

If you do have a submission, let me know and I'll extend the deadline for you. Seriously, I would love it if you submitted. Please? Pleeeeease?