28 June 2007

WORST EPISODE EVER! and a 3 miler

i seriously am so mad and almost crying right now. i cannot believe they voted off jesus and jessi!
i can't even talk about it! i HATE lauren and neil- they suck! and i HATE danny and anya! what the hell was she wearing?! and he is such an arrogant jerk. ARGH! SO SO MAD!

"i can't talk about it anymore. it's giving me a headache"

tonights run:
3 miles, 33:40mins
i need to learn to pace myself better at the beginning of my run so that i don't get so tired so fast. but the cool thing is that when i was done running my head wanted my body to keep running! but i was tired... and late for sytycd.


folks. this obsession is bordering unhealthy. but this show is SO AMAZING!!! so, it is ok. right?

ok this week may be my very favorite to review because I have so much to say. so much awesome and so much bad happened yesterday on SYTYCD. but let me first say that jessie & tifani are my new fav sytycd watching partners because they seriously have every bit of last season memorized (and on DVD! HELLO! JEALOUS!) and they are just as obsessed as i am. we have a fan club. jessie is pres, tif is vp and i am the treasurer. my duties are to collect $ to pay for our trip to see the tour. so so excited.

anyway... let's talk about last nights episode. AWESOME!!
*i'm still trying to find some good pictures online

sara & jesus (krump) - one of my very fav couples. they seem to have such a fun time dancing together. i love sara because she is so tough but so feminine. i was pretty excited to see the first krumping routine of the season. mostly because krump is such a funny word and the krumpers (?) take their dance form so seriously. but these two really are so versitile and so fun to watch always.

cedric & shauna (contemporary) - mia michaels is insane and i love her! i really do want her hair. just like the judges said, she was brilliant in limiting how much actual dancing ced did. but i loved, loved that debbie allen offered him a place at her dance academy. TAKE IT CEDRIC! IT'S YOUR ONLY HOPE! and i still can't decide if i like shauna or not. hmm...
bottom three

lacey & kameron (quick step) - what can i say other than i'm so in love with these two! brilliant performance. so fun to watch.

anya & danny (hip-hop) - can someone PLEASE explain to me why the judges are so in love with these two? seriously? they are not good. she reminds me of a 40 yr old woman and he's so gay! danny don't ever pelvic thrust in debbie allen's general direction ever, ever again! in fact, just don't do that ever again anywhere! i really do not like these two at all. and i thought their performance was totally weak (even though i love dan karaty).
bottom three (i hope!!)

sabra & dominic (rumba) - LOVE THEM! seriously, they don't stand out as much as they ought (aught?) to but they are so great. dom was seriously playing up the sex appeal an cracking me up and sabra, as always, was beautiful.

lauren & neil (tango) - blah. bottom three. awful dress & i really don't like him.
bottom three

hok & jaimie (jazz- really?) - BRILLIANT!! what wade robson choreography isn't brilliant though. he SO played to their strengths and i was fascinated by this performance. i really wanted jaimie to be voted off this week (not because of her dancing but the awful inflection in her voice!) but after this piece she deserves to stay at least one more week. she was wonderful.

pasha (cha-cha) - OH PASHA!! WE LOVE YOU! no seriously though, we had to watch this over and over because first of all, he was hot, second of all that woman! omg! hilarious!!!! i can't even express how i feel about this performance. i know she's a world champ and all but really i was just laughing so hard i was crying. pasha was such a good sport. that woman though- living every frumpy housewife's dream! loved it! it would have been great to see him dance this with jessi (even though she's not my fav) but it wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining, i'm sure.

so there you have it. my predictions for tonight: jessi's not gonna make it back (unfortunate) and cedric may have talked his way out of the bottom 3 last night. if so, i say neil gets the boot. otherwise ced's out.

26 June 2007

natural reaction

I just ran 5 miles and I feel like I'm going to puke. Is that normal?
I used www.walkjogrun.net to calculate my distance (and calories burned- 800! wow!). This is a really cool website that uses google maps wherein you can plot out your route and figure the distance.
My neighborhood provides a great running route because it has really wide roads, is fairly well lit and has drinking fountains about every half mile. This saved me because for the last 3/4 of my run I felt pretty parched. My main motivation was just getting to the next drinking fountain! I don't do a good job of drinking enough water in general so I can attribute my thirst to this but how do I stay hydrated during my runs? Especially during the 10k next week where I don't know if I'll be able to drink every half mile? Help!
I loved Chloe's idea of combining running and walking with music. I followed her lead in running 4 songs followed by walking 1 song. I love the idea of planning my walking segments. Makes me feel not so guilty about walking. Having to run through 4 full songs kept me going farther than I would have otherwise I think. It worked really well.
Since Vegas is hot as hell (literally, I'm sure) I've been running on the track at my gym (5-1/2 laps per mile- ugh) so that I wouldn't melt. But this evening I wanted to get out on the streets to get a better feel of what the 10k will be like. You know what makes running outside harder than the indoor track? Wind and Hills. Ouch! But it was a lot more fun to be outside. I waited until 8pm to go out (I wanted to go at 5am but couldn't drag my butt out of bed) and it felt pretty nice. It got dark a little faster than I'd expected and I don't like running outside and night alone for safety reasons, naturally. But I did it anyway. I figure I'd rather get attacked, hit by a car, abducted by aliens, etc, etc... than have to run in afternoon in 105degree heat. No way!
But, aside from feeling like I'm going to puke I feel pretty good about my run esp since I haven't really been running at all the last 2 weeks. I'm such a slacker! I'm really excited about the 10k next week though!
I had a few new motivations tonight. New toys always motivate me :) Behold!
My new running shoes!! Asics Nimbus VIII. LOVE THEM! I'm pretty sure I can run faster and farther now that I've got these babies.

AND... My new ipod shuffle (aptly named "cropstarrunner") that I can't even tell I'm wearing. It's so great esp considering I was using my 30gig video ipod before which I swear weighs 100lbs when I'm running. Only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a stopwatch on it. Oh well. I think it's pretty cute and looking good is the most important thing when running, right?

20 June 2007

The Strip Club Epidemic

This may be the greatest sports article I've ever read, mostly because it's just dripping with sarcasm and I love me some sarcasm. The article is entitled "The Strip Club Epidemic" and discusses the problems that a lot of professional athletes have gotten into in correlation with strip clubs. Here's my favorite paragraph:
Contrary to the theory that athletes don't like playing on artificial surfaces, strippers have become the drug of choice for the sporting set.
So great. Although the author takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the problem he makes it pretty clearly that it is indeed a problem. I have a lot of thoughts swimming in my head about the whole porn issue. I think I finally realized how serious and dangerous it is and it scares me. But, what I have to say about it is a different post for a different day. As for now, enjoy the sarcasm.

18 June 2007

i love airport tvs

i was a little panicked that i'd have to go a whole entire weekend before finding out what happened on thursday's SYTYCD results show. i was supposed to be on my plane headed to Utah. but, when Lis and I got to the gate we found out that our plane was delayed. this may be the first time i've ever been happy to hear that my flight was delayed because the tv just next to our gate was showing SYTYCD!!! so happy! the timing was perfect because we got to watch the entire show then boarded our plane as soon it was over. thank you McCarren airport!

so here's what i thought- i was a little dissappointed to see ricky go because i would have liked to see him attempt the other dance styles. but, oh well. the dance he and ashlee did on wednesday was pure crap.

Definitely a monday morning...

i couldn't get out of bed this morning. i slept in until 9:15. i didn't get to work until 10am. but bossman is out of town so who cares? not that him being at the office would have made me get to work on time.
anyway... it's totally monday morning and the thing i like to do least on monday morning is work. so i'm doing this instead. try it if you like. the idea is to google the phrase "(your name) wants..." and see what comes up. here's what happened when i googled "christy wants"

  • Christy wants to see if there is a large, demographic pattern between race and governance changes by taking the quantitative approach. yes, yes... this issue has plagued me for ages... btw, i have no idea what 'governance' means. and when in doubt, always go with the quantitative approach.
  • Christy wants more photos. true. i love photos. especially photos of myself.
  • Christy wants to help, but now she sees her stalker, he's coming for her. happens alllll the time... so annoying.
  • Christy wants to be like Jenna. so, so, so not true.
  • Christy wants to wrestle. wrestle? not so much... wrastle? oh yeah!
  • Christy wants to get even with Kip, she should marry him. marriage is always the best revenge, i say.
  • Christy wants to pass the exam. truer words were never spoken. my results should be in the mail in 3 weeks!
  • Christy wants to play. simply stated and always the truth.
  • Christy wants a bath. but i'm too lazy to clean my bathtub.
and finally...
  • Christy wants a millionaire, a miracle in the rain. i think barry manilow can see straight into my soul. all i've ever wanted is a millionaire.

14 June 2007

Lets talk...

You knew it was coming right? My review of SYTYCD? Well, here it is.

this was the first week of the top 20 couples dancing and i have to say... LOVED IT! i lost track of how many times but i did get a little teary eyed more than once. i guess i just know what i like (dancing) and get a little emotional when i see it done well.

anyway... let me just say this- dominic is so cute! i still love hok. and i was really disappointed in ricky. he's weird but i had high hopes for him. i thought lacey and kameron did an amazing job even though their routine was a little wacked out. but what can i say i'm crazy for that contemporary crap.

but the clear cut winners for me were sara and jesus. i LOVED how they totally got into character. i loved this routine but that's probably because i LOVE me some wade robson. seriously.

what did y'all think?

i'm nervous to see who goes home tonight. my predictions are faina and neil. tho, i'm going to be on a plane to utah while the show is on so i'll have to wait until i get back to vegas on monday to watch it on my friend's tivo. i don't know if i can wait that long!

ps- i'm heading to utah for the 'vanconcklestyne' wedding and i'm pretty excited to go to utah. i'm a little homesick for the utah weather and mountains these days. also when i get back i'll post photos of where i was last weekend because it was amazing! *hint... i was up at brianhead. beautiful!

have a great weekend everyone!

07 June 2007

I kinda cried...

I can't help it. I've just been feeling weepy lately. Good weepy. But the tears sometimes come on at inconvenient times. Like tonight. I was at the gym, on the treadmill (first time running on the treadmill since I started training and probably the last... but I had to considering it was 9pm and my show was on), watching SYTYCD. I wanted to cry when some of the people were asked to leave. And I REALLY wanted to cry at the end when it came down to Hok and Twitch. Ohmigosh! So sad! I mean... I'm excited that Hok (my total favorite) is in the top 20 but it was so tender how they were so sad to have to part. *pardon me while I go get a tissue... sniff sniff*

Oh, and did you LOVE last night when that goofy Lindy Hop kid mouthed "dance for my life!" That was seriously hilarious.

Anyway, I totally cried during last weeks episode too. Mostly because I was so overjoyed that ANNIE! sent me the episode I missed on VHS. Seriously girl- you have NO IDEA how happy that made me! It was a great episode, by the way. Anyway, that really dramatic girl, who's mom's dying wish was that she try out for sytycd, started crying... and even though I don't even like her that much... I started crying too! What's my problem?! I think I just love this show way too much. I'm seriously choreographing songs in my head to every song I hear on my ipod.

Anyway... Vegas baby! We're down to the top 20 and now the real fun starts! I can't wait for next week!

05 June 2007

abc, 123

The ABCs of Christy:

A - Attached or Single: single

B - Best Friend: Stacy. She moved in next door when I was 6 and we've been best friends ever since. We've both pretty much been adopted into each others families and now I claim her 3 boys as my own. Even though we don't get to see each other very often and only talk on the phone every few months, each time we talk it's as if not a minute has passed since our last conversation.

C - Cake or Pie: Nothing wrong with either of them but I think I'd go with pie (especially peach pie. yum!)

D - Drink of Choice: Water! Or if I'm feeling crazy Diet Coke with a little Root Beer, Dr Pepper (good for road trips) or Mountain Dew (when I'm eating at Baja Fresh). I've just recently discovered the beauty of fountain drinks. So much soda! So cheap!

E - Essential Item: My hair straightener & biosilk. I'm quite sure I would die without either of them.

F - Favorite Color: everything blue

G - Gummi Bears or Worms: neither. gummi candies are sick

H - Hometown: Orem, UT

I – Indulgence(s): SYTYCD, blogging, sleeping in, naps

J - January or July: January. Only because July in Vegas feels like living in Hell.

K - Kids: After I get married I'd like a boy and a girl. And maybe a dog.

L - Life is incomplete without: friends, bbqs, music and dancing

M - Marriage Date: I'm doing the set a date program. But I don't want to tell you my date because it won't be as exciting when I tell you all that I'm actually getting married and I don't want to jinx myself.

N - Number of Siblings: 2 cool sisters.

O - Oranges or Apples: Oranges wedges!

P - Phobias/Fears: Admittedly I'm still afraid of the dark, being alone forever, and spiders (eck!)

Q - Favorite Quote: Just look up at the top of the page. Good old Mark Twain.

R - Reason to smile: I have awesome friends! And, it's the SUMMER OF FUN!

S - Season: Spring! I love when things start coming back to life, the warm sun after months of cold and the excitement of the impending summer.

T- Tag Three: I tag YOU!

U - Unknown Fact About Me: I cross my toes.

V - Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Meat is Murder... tasty, tasty murder. I'm the daughter of a farmer. Of course I like meat!

W - Worst Habit: I tend to cut people off in conversation. I stay up way too late and sleep in way too late. And I eat late at night.

X - X-rays or Ultrasounds: X-rays are the coolest. OK, I bet ultrasounds would be cool too but I've never had one. But there is something pretty awesome about being able to see "inside" your body.

Y - Your Favorite Foods: chicken mahkni, pesto pasta, pbj, cocoa pebbles, chinese chicken salad, sandwiches from Great Harvest, baked cheetos, funeral potatoes, fry sauce

Z- Zodiac: Capricorn