25 April 2007

"We read to know we are not alone " C.S. Lewis

When I turned 21 years old I decided that I when I grew up I wanted to be one of those women who loves to read. One of those classically beautiful women that you'd find sitting in a comfortable chair in her perfectly decorated, sunlit living room with a book in her hands and a cup of tea by her side. I can only remember reading approximately 3 books prior to that vision- one about Ramona Quimby, another about Ralph S Mouse and The Lord of the Flies (maybe it was the Cliff Notes version that I read). I just didn't like reading, or so I thought, and thus had pretty poor reading comprehension. So, I figured that if I was going to be someone who loves reading I'd better start reading. And that I did. And I found out that I love it. I love reading. I love books. I love that I can't walk out of B&N without spending at least $50. I love that I have an entire bookcase full of books that I've read. I love that there are a million books out there yet to read.

Now that I'm done studying for the PE exam I finally have time to read again. The first thing I did when I finished the exam was a little trip to B&N. Three books later...

So, I picked up this little number- "London is the Best City in America" by Laura Dave - and finished it in 4 days. It seemed to be an appropriate choice since it deals with the challenges of letting go of the past and having the courage to accept that your life may not turn out to be exactly what you'd planned for it to be. Exactly what I've been dealing with for the last few months. Letting go and moving on. Having faith to believe that the life that awaits me will be better than anything I could possibly imagine for myself. Maybe I'll post more specifics about this later... maybe not.

Anyway. It's a good read. Next on tap is E.M. Forster's "A Passage to India".

Je pense...

If Europe was closer I'd go there every weekend.

16 April 2007

Shortest crush ever

Tonight at the new member get together for our ward I noticed a new guy that was pretty cute and decided that I had a crush on him. I found out that he did custom rims and when I left I saw the nice vehicle that must have been his because it was the only one with nice rims. Then I saw the sticker in his rear window. You know the one- the silhouette of the sexy she-devil. And then my crush was over. New record for my shortest crush ever- 5 minutes.

13 April 2007


i just made the first move and emailed 2 guys on linkup. that's so against my cardinal rule of emailing first. i really need to go to sleep already.

09 April 2007

baby i'm amazed by you

I really am constantly amazed at how so many people can correctly spell the word "awkward" yet how so many people cannot correctly spell the word "definitely"

...so confused.

06 April 2007

still studying...

I feel currently devoid of all human contact (except for the humans I work with and the ones I see at the gym but never talk to) . Once again I'm sitting for the PE (professional engineers) exam on April 20th (PANIC!) so I can FINALLY get my license... though that will require actually passing said exam. So, until then the 4 things I'll be doing are working, studying, working out and sleeping. But come 4.21 the party is ON and it won't stop until the Summer of Fun comes to a close. Also, I'll be catching up on some posts that are long since due. Until then here are some photos from this last weekend in Utah. I went up for conference and saw some mission friends and chilled with 'the kids'.

Soeurs: Obar, Vial, McBride & Cropper. I love these girls.
I'm claiming them as my Provo friends.

The Reays- one of the most awesome couples I know.
Seriously. LOVE them!

My fav photo from the weekend (courtesy Josh). Mojo is my bro!

Me and 'the kids'. They don't mind that I'm totally old. I don't mind that they're practically tweens. Mojo and Hurley are the best "Your Mom..." and "... that's what she said" friends a girl could have.

15 more days until I come back to life!