30 May 2007

The blood letting...

For the last few months I've gotten 3-4 calls (well, messages since I never answer my phone) a week from United Blood Services asking me to make another attempt at giving blood. I've always prided myself in being a good blood giver. I'm healthy. I've never had sex with a man who has given someone else drugs or money for sex, or anything of the like. My veins can pumps some serious blood and they can do it fast!
However, I failed at my last donating attempt because of iron deficiency. I was so crushed when they told me I wouldn't be able to donate. I mean... I failed! I failed at donating blood! I hate failing. Because of my failed attempt I was a little hesitant to try again. But I was really getting tired of avoiding their calls and getting their voice mail. I decided the only way to get them to stop was to actually go in and give them my blood.
Now, I'm all about giving. It's not like I didn't want to give them my blood. I just didn't know if my ego could stand being turned away again. So, today was the day. They tested my blood and guess what... IRON DEFICIENT! But, not deficient enough to be turned away. Phew! I was still able to donate but I was only asked to give one unit instead of two. I was a little nervous when they told me they'd be pumping stuff back into me. But, all went well and I survived.

Topic 2- SYTYCD is on again tonight and I'M MISSING IT!! I'll be at the temple so I expect a full report from YOU my readers. I would record it but I still refuse to get TiVo and I haven't bothered to figure out how to use my VCR because seriously... who still uses VCRs??

Topic 3- While I was in Utah on monday I went for a 2 mile run and I didn't feel like I was going to die! It was great! I thought for sure my lungs would be burning due to the elevation change but I was just fine. Now I'm not so worried about running my first 10k at 2000 feet above what I'm used to. I can totally handle it. And speaking of running... the music!! Thanks for all of your suggestions. And SPECIAL THANKS TO CHLOE!!! I got your CD in the mail yesterday and it pretty much rocks my whole world! I'd totally go running tonight with my new tunes but I'm pretty sure my body is going to be too busy making blood.

27 May 2007

Howdy from Happy Valley

So maybe my parents don't hate me afterall. Upon hearing my plans to come home for the weekend they decided to take a quick day trip in order to be back in Orem by the time I got into town. Aww! So nice.

Mel and I made the trek north last night. By the time we got here it was late... but not too late to break out the high school year books and take another trek. This time, down memory lane. Mel and I are proud alumni of Mountain View High School (and rest assured we'll sing you the fight song at the drop of a hat... our friends in Vegas hate it when we do this). We were a year apart in school, had many of the same acquaintances but never knew each other. No, we had to move 375 miles south and wait 10 years before we would become friends. Great friends. Same story goes for Kara. Strange isn't it?

I realized that even though I had perfect skin at that tender age... that's about all I had going for me. Bad hair, bad eyebrows, bad clothes. But, that's what high school is all about right? Being awkward. I loved high school. I had so much fun. But, I'd never, ever want to go back and do it all again.

This morning was pretty fantastic. I slept it. Mom made waffles, bacon and sausage. Then I spent the next few hours out in the yard with my folks. Mom is an amazing gardener. Our yard is my Eden. The weather was perfect, the company lovely and I only fell out of the hamock once. Sometimes I just want to move home and feel spoiled like this everyday...

I saw Pirates3 tonight. Overall, I liked it but I'm going to have to go back and see it again just to be able to understand it all.

One last thing- My new favorite blog site is http://sundayscribblings.blogspot.com/ where you are given a word or topic every saturday night and then you can post your writings on sunday. I love, LOVE this idea! I'm excited to take up the challenge (though I may never post my writings) so that I can improve my writing. Very cool.

25 May 2007

SYTYCD week 1

Here's the roundup for week one:

I love this show. Somewhere in my dreams I still believe I'm going to grow up to be a dancer. While I was watching my roommate kept trying to talk to me and tell me stories but I was so into the show that I couldn't even look at her or respond. I feel bad but I think it was a good lesson in how she should not distract me from this show in the future.

So, I remember who the most annoying judge is- Mary Murphy! Most annoying voice and laugh. Oh man! That woman drives me crazy. But I respect her judging skills. I just wish she wouldn't talk or laugh or scream.

Right off the bat I'm liking the Russian girl and the dance teacher & her student.
Craziest couple of the night had to be the guy from midtown Manhattan who was dancing with his ex-girlfriend. They were great. So crazy.
Speaking of crazy, I also remember why I don't like the tryout episodes of this show. I love watching the crazies but I just feel so bad for them. They are so delusional and too many people in their lives have lied to them and told them that they are good dancers!
And let me tell you a little something about having dreams. It's great to work towards your dreams. Really. Give it all you've got! But there are some things in life that demand God given talent. You've got to know your limits. And if all you've got is passion for your dream then please do not be upset when people tell you that reaching your dream is not within the realm of reality. These people are not trying to be mean. They are trying to save you from future embarrassment. Come back to reality. Please. OK... I'm getting down off my soapbox now.

One last thing. Did you know that Dan Karaty choreographed the dancing in the movie "Music & Lyrics"? Dreadful show, yes. But, the dancing- especially in the POP! video- was awesome. And by awesome I mean hilarious.

24 May 2007

Dear you...

Dear Elizabeth Hasselbeck,
Thanks for fighting with that fat, ugly, bi-otch that I can't stand. Seeing that on the news yesterday really made me happy.
You rock.
republicaningly yours,

Dear body,
Thank you for being able to run farther than my brain thought I could run last night. Let's keep this up. Also, I'd like to apologize for not letting you sleep enough. But, thanks for the bags you put under my eyes as a gentle reminder that staying up late does nothing for me.

Dear Mom & Dad,
I'm kind of feeling like you hate me since you always leave town when I come home to Utah. I sincerely hope you have a fun vacation, wherever it is that you end up going. I'll try not to break anything.
love you,
your youngest

Dear Sun,
Remember on monday when I was "sick" and stayed home from work and got to spend hours next to the pool under your warmth? I wish we could do that together everyday. I miss you.

Dear sisters,
Thanks for calling me at work yesterday to tell me about how great surfing in Hawaii was. You're jerks. Can't wait for our trip in November though.
aloha nui,
baby sis

Dear So You Think You Can Dance,
I'm so excited that you are starting again tonight! I can't wait to pick out the most slutty girl, most gay guy and the most annoying judge. This is going to be fun.

23 May 2007

Invading My(personal)Space

Admittedly, I have a minor (ok major) addiction to the internet. Maybe I need more real life friends. But, the internet is just so cool. I wouldn't be in touch with most of my friends in other states if I couldn't email them. My phone skillz? Horrible. Email skillz? Dey be da shiznit! (I can't believe I just said that).

Emailing alone is not a problem in my eyes and doesn't constitute concern for addiction. It's the other part of the internet where I spend way too much time- LDSLinkup (guilty pleasure much?), Facebook and MySpace (shirks with embarrassment). Yes. MySpace. I don't know if it's sacrilegious or not but MySpace has helped me in my church calling more times than I can count. I'm not even kidding. It's my job to keep track of my girls and sometimes it's the only way I can find them.

Anyway- the point- I'm totally OK with talking to total strangers from Linkup. I know it's not always logical but I totally buy into the whole "mormon guys aren't internet psychos" even though they probably are. And I'm so scared that some day I will actually have to say the words "I met my husband on the internet." So. Scared.

So while Linkup is "totally safe" I'm totally NOT ok with talking to total strangers from MySpace. Scary. So here's the message I got today from a total stranger:
How are you doing I seen your profile I really like what I seen and read. I really would like to get to know you and what kind of guys are into?
Umm... how about the kind of guys that use proper grammar? I'm sorry (not really) but anyone who ever uses the words "I seen..." (and not in mocking) will never, ever be tolerated by me. Ever.

PS- Tom is not my friend.

18 May 2007

on track...

2.5 miles yesterday (.2 of which I had to walk) at an embarassingly slow time... but guess what.
I'm so proud of myself!
It's been quite a while since I've run that far so I was nervous about undertaking that distance but I just kept telling myself that I could do it. And wouldn't you know it... I did!
2.5 isn't far especially considering how far a lot of y'all run and how far I want to be able to run but as I was on the track I tried to keep in mind that running a slow 2.5 was way better than watching tv or surfing the internet or eating... Good job me.

ps- I'm heading to LA tonight with Lis & Mel and I'm pretty dang excited about it. We're gonna hang out on 3rd street, sleep in, sit on the beach, attend the Dodgers vs Angels game (go Dodgers!), go shopping, maybe go to the Getty. It's the Summer of Fun!!

16 May 2007

running & music

I run. But I wouldn't go so far as to calling myself a runner. Here's why- when I run, I run a 10 minute mile. Just one of them. *sadly this is only a slight exaggeration* Actually, when I'm running consistently I run about 3 miles (max).
My life goal- run a half marathon (I see absolutely no need to run a full marathon. Just ridiculous). As you can see, I have a ways to go before I reach that goal.

Running a 5k is an attainable goal for me. I've already done it a few times with no problems (unless you call running very slowly a problem). But, I'm ready to stretch myself and get to that next level. The mighty 10k! A few weeks back I was talking to my best friend who mentioned running the 10k Freedom Run on the 4th of July in Provo. Well, yesterday I committed. I signed up and paid and everything. I feel pretty good about being able to train to run the full 6 miles (ok I'm not going to lie. I'm pretty sure running 6 miles is going to kill me). However, I'm a little concerned about being able to run that 6 miles at that altitude. Yikes! But, I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about it.

Here's where I need your help. MUSIC! I need some good tunes to pump me up on my runs.
Suggestions please???

11 May 2007

umm... comments?

for some reason blogger has decided to take away the little comments link at the bottom of my last two posts. why?
anyhow... if you're here go on ahead and leave me a comment. i have comment envy.

04 May 2007

Penny & Madge... and Reagan

Ah sweet Penny & Madge...

So last week I took advantage of a weekend without plans and made an early happy birthday visit to my sister in LA. I've known for months that I wanted to get her a beach cruiser bike for her birthday and had dreams of just showing up at her house with a bike with a bow on it. But, I figured if I was going to get her a bike I might as well get her exactly what she wanted. And I figured that if I was going to buy her a bike I might as well get me one too!

We met up at Chubby's Cruiser Shop to pick out our bikes. I knew exactly what I wanted but it took sister a little bit to narrow down the options. Finally we left with our bikes.

First of all let me tell you about Madge- sister's bike. Madge is the black bike on the right. She's cool and classy, sophisticated and down to earth. She sports a gorgeous basket from Latvia that has been awaiting her arrival for years. Madge is the kind of bike all bikes strive to be like.

Penny on the other hand... I tell you what. Penny is a real spit fire. She's my firebolt- the red gal on the left. She has a basket and a sassy little bell that she likes to ring at totally inappropriate times. She likes to carry rocks in her basket and has already landed on top of me twice- the latest crash of which I bear scrapes all down my leg. You can't help but love her though. Penny is the kind of bike that all bikes wish they were brave enough to be like.

Penny & I, Madge & sis all took a lovely ride down at the beach on saturday. Beautiful day. Awesome ride. In fact, we did it again on sunday because it was just so peaceful and fun.

The Reagan Library and my new found admiration for President Reagan... Sunday afternoon we drove up to Simi Valley to see the Reagan Library and Museum. Earlier in the week I'd come across a speech given by President Reagan while in office and it amazed me. I'll always remember him as the President of my early childhood but have never known who he was and what he represented. This speech introduced me to a man who believed in God and turned to Him for direction, a man who believed in human decency and that the strength of this great country lies in it's people and their morals, a man who was a total romantic and loved his wife, and who was the president at such an interesting time in the history of the world.


And now for the words...

Every morning when I come into work the first thing I do is read up on the latest posts of all the people I blog stalk. OK, stalking is a pretty strong word, but essentially that's what it is. I have a long list of blogs I check daily- some friends but mostly friends of friends... of friends (or however many generations back). I read, I click their links and sometimes I find blogs that I can relate to, or wish I could relate to. The first blog I really followed was CindyMindyPindy
whose blog I was referred to by my then roommate who was moving to Seattle to be Cindy's roommate. From that point on the whole blogging world kinda took over my life... ok not my whole life, just the part of my life between 9am and 9:30am (when I read other people's blogs) and midnight to 1am (when I update my own blog... sometimes). Anyway... back to the point of this post... link after link I came upon a blog that I really liked- Replikate. Cool girl. In fact, when I read her blog I always think- now this is a girl I could be friends with. She is educated, successful, knows "She" by Hummingfish, runs, and introduced me to Friday Night Lights. And I love that she has a way of putting into words what I often feel as a non-stereotypical (I hope) older (is 30 really old??), successful, working, single LDS girl... how's that for labeling yourself. haha.
A few months back K8 announced a contest for her blog birthday, the winner of which would receive a special package in the mail, and I thought- what the hell. Time to come out of the depths of anonymity, tell her I like her blog and cross my fingers that I win (cuz I really love winning and I rarely win). So guess what. I WON! WOOT!
So the above photo shows the contents of the package (minus my cool little globes which would never fit into that mailing envelope. They just looked good in the photo). Contents:
  • one Orange County postcard... because k8 lives in Huntington Beach
  • one package of Orbitz citrus gum... surprisingly I'm a big fan
  • one water gun... just for fun.
  • two seashells... seriously how did she know I collect seashells? and these were cool ones!
  • one skull sticker... I've never thought a skull was cute until this. I think it's going to find a home on my new cruiser bike!
  • one dark chocolate bar... big fan of dark chocolate since je vivais parmis les francais
  • one Replikate soundtrack... new favorite song- "Fresh Feeling" by the Eels and I was shocked- SHOCKED I tell you!- when I saw that she knows the song "She". I honestly thought that only my friends and I knew Hummingfish. Happy thought indeed.
Anyway... I was pretty excited about the package. In fact it was displayed on my piano (just as you see it in the photo) for at least a week. And now for my thank you to K8:

Dear K8,
Love the blog. Love the blog birthday package. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
Christy (aka Cropstar)
PS- Let's be friends. If you wanna. And if you're ever in Vegas let me know and we can go gamble, or eat at a buffet, or visit Sigfried and Roy, or something really typically Vegas (though I draw the line at going to strip clubs. sorry).

03 May 2007

Catching up (dawg)

OK! So... Lots been going on the last few months and I've been postponing rather than posting until after the big 'ol exam. I have to confess that I'm proud of myself for being so discipled in studying for the exam especially since I generally have a 30 second attention span. I'm happy... no, ecstatic!... to report that all the studying paid off big time. I was totally prepared for that exam and you know what? I kicked it's ass! Yeah, I said it! It's amazing what preparation will do for you. The whole "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear" thing- it's true. Amen. Going into the exam on friday morning I was almost excited about it. In a "bring it on!" sort of way. The morning section wasn't bad. During the lunch break I went to my car, ate my lunch and watched an episode of the office on my ipod. The afternoon looked a little hairy at first glance but once I started working the problems I actually got answers to almost all of them! So... 8 full hours of testing and 80 multiple choice questions later I walked out of the exam site with full confidence that I passed and some serious aching shoulders from leaning over my books for 8 hours. Come mid-July you should look for a post reporting that I totally passed and will be a full fledged licenced engineer in the state of Nevada. Woot! A huge weight has been taken off my shoulders.

During my months of studying I was sure not to get too crazy and pass up some opportunities to have some fun. So I give you a brief synopsis of the month of april... with photos.

Miss Spence and I went to a free "Big & Rich" concert on Fremont Street. Awesome. And it wasn't just B&R... it was Cowboy Troy, 2 foot Fred and 'Lil Jon. Yep... 'Lil Jon. So random and so great.
Easter was not without the annual Egg Rolling contest. This year was a little more hectic than last year... mostly due to the high volume of hooligans participating. Brett came out the winner.

But this was probably my favorite moment of the evening. That's what she said...

I found out what happens when you leave a can of Coke in your car in the early summer heat of Vegas. Explosion. And Coke everywhere.

I went to the rodeo then saw my boyfriend Blake at the fair. So. In. Love. I would have taken a billion more photos of him since I was on the FIFTH ROW! But the battery in my camera died. Dammit.

I went to Miss Spence's Poly Club performance at Palo Verde. I taught some of the girls a Samoan dance and considering the amount of time I spent working with them I was totally impressed. All the kids did a great job.

Mel had a birthday. She's finally 28!... or something like that. Here's the birthday girl with Grammar. He's my new favorite.

Lis and Willis were there. Willis secretly wishes that every blog post I write is about him.

Tif and I were there too. She's my favorite person to go to concerts with... even though I've only been to one show with her. PWT rules!

The day after the exam Kara and I celebrated by taking a day trip to San Diego. Cheap flights. Love them. And I have to tell you it's SO liberating to fly with ONLY a purse. We got to do everything we wanted to while we were there. Perfect planning- amazing breakfast at Bread & Cie, the beach at Torrey Pines, shopping at Solana Beach (Solo!), strolling the board walk at Pacific Beach, AMAZING dinner at Parkhouse Eatery. This trip was definitely marked by the memorable eating experiences. I honestly didn't know food could taste that good. I was also quite taken by the rocks and sand at Torrey Pines. This is my favorite photo from the trip.

So I can't complain one bit about april. It was pretty great.