27 July 2006

are you serious?

First you tell me that Kevin Richardson is leaving the Backstreet Boys and now you tell me that Lance Bass is gay??
I just don't know how much more bad boy band news I can handle this year!

06 July 2006

Love Letter

Dear Taylor Hicks,

I saw you at the Stadium of Fire on saturday. You stole the show. I think the rest of the audience would agree that you should have been the headliner and that lame whats-her-name should have just stayed home. Do you remember how everyone cheered louder for you than for her? It's because you were great! And that dancing? You're so silly and endearing. I like your hair too. And your clothes. You really 'took it to the streets.'
I admit that I've never watched American Idol. I really missed out on getting to know you on that show. And, the Soul Patrol thing? I don't really get it even though I pretend to so I can feel cool. Sorry. If it's a club I can join just tell me where to send the dues. What I'm trying to say is... I think I love you.
Love, christy
PS- Yes, you make me proud.

05 July 2006

Wednesday (but feels like Monday) BESTS!

Best movie line:
"What the hell kind of devil bird chirps at night?"

Best advertising:
"Marriages last 32% longer when photographed by Paul Duane!"