31 October 2007

happy holiday!

happy halloween everybody!
it's my third favorite holiday

30 October 2007

the hills

ok can we all just agree that lauren and brody are SO cute together?!

i'm pretty much in love with brody.

also, i want to be friends with lo in real life.

29 October 2007


All I will say this week is that God can and will perform miracles.

2 Nephi 7

"...O House of Israel, is my hand shortened at all that it cannot redeem, or have I no power to deliver? ...For the Lord God will help me, therefore shall I not be confounded... And the Lord is near, and he justifieth me. Who will contend with me? Let us stand together. Who is mine adversary? Let him come near me, and I will smite him with the strength of my mouth. For the Lord God will help me. "

He is all powerful, indeed. It's our job to just trust him.

28 October 2007


secretly, i always wanted to get tagged... tag yourself if you like.

1- when i find a song that i love i have absolutely no problem listening to it on repeat for 12+ straight hours until i'm sick of it. i get a kick out of looking at my most played list on itunes and seeing which song i've endured the longest. oddly enough, i never know all the lyrics even though i always sing along. my brain only memorizes the notes, the instruments, the music, but never the words.

2- i am very aware of my physical imperfections, shortcomings, etc and like most people feel self conscious in most social situations, yet i have a (healthy?) streak of vanity wherein I have no problem admitting when i think i look great. i also love looking at photos of myself (probably because i know i'm photogenic and look better in photos than in real life).

3- i have whatever the opposite of a foot fetish is. i think feet are so disgusting and get a little freaked out if people get their feet too close to me or (heaven forbid!) touch me with their feet. ironically, i give a great foot massage. my feet are fine though. i don't hate my feet. what's weird though is that i cross my toes. more often than not i have my big toe crossed over my second toe or vica versa and do it with both feet. i have the long finger-like toes that can pick stuff up which is why i can cross them.

4- i served an LDS mission in the Madagascar Antananarivo Mission. i guessed that's where i'd go so it wasn't a surprise to me when i opened my call (which i received on my 24th birthday). i never served in Mada though i was lucky enough to go there the last 2 days of my mission. after a 2 month visa wait in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission (i was in Fayetteville, Arkansas and loved it) i served, french speaking, on the 2 "outer" islands- La Reunion & Mauritius- that were part of the mission. i absolutely loved it! the islands were gorgeous, the missionaries were the cream of the crop and the cultures and people were amazing. i came home with a love for the indian (dot, not feather) culture, especially the food, thanks to my time in Mauritius. i love that i got to serve french speaking because i'd studied french all through jr high and high school and have always been a bit of a francophile. i'm still homesick for the Mascareign Islands!

5- i studied piano from the age of 5 until the time i left for college. i was required to practice 2 hours a day, went to various competitions every spring (i even won a concerto competition) and had several personal recitals. i wasn't always so dedicated to my practicing and my mom was always on my case about it (and still is to this day... seriously, this evening on the phone she asked if i had been practicing the piano). my greatest strength has always been sight reading. even though i've lost a lot of my technique i can still pick up almost any piece of music and play it. i even taught piano all through high school. my biggest regret (said La Belle Dame Sans Regrets...) is that i didn't continue on with my piano studies through college (i didn't realized i could get my engineering degree and still study the piano... one track mind). but one day i will go back and study piano pedagogy and combine my love for music and teaching (which was learned later in life) and have my own piano studio.

6- i am a serious night owl (2am 'lights out' is not uncommon for me). i hate going to sleep at night. but i love sleeping. waking up in the morning is the worst part of the day.

this is me with bubanky (my baby blanket), jimmy (the bear) and lammy (the lamb). i still have all three. cute, eh?

26 October 2007

so this is what i did:

My boss left his hat on the desk.
So while everyone was gone I fixed it:mwuhahaha!

25 October 2007


that's the word i was trying to think of.
and i was wrong about the -uous part.

what's the word that ends in -uous that means i wanna do something sneaky & silly? all i can think is 'promiscuous' but that's not it. or maybe it is.

I'm all alone in my office right now. Everyone else is out for the day or gone to meetings or class.
I feel some sort of obligation to do something crazy like crank up my music and run around the office naked just because I can!!

23 October 2007

Tuesday is the new Sunday

Maybe when I said that I would write a post every SUNDAY about seeing the Lord's hand in my life I meant that I would write every TUESDAY. I have problems. But anyway...
I'm not too proud to admit that I'm one of those single girls who wishes she was married with children. Bring it on. I know one day I'll be living the dream but in the interim I have to get my kid-hunger fix even if it means sacrificing a bit of my social life. So saturday night I volunteered to babysit Baver, 12mo (seriously, I've never seen a kid who drools more that him). I really like this kid so I was excited to spend a night with him. PT couldn't understand why I'd rather spend a weekend night with Baver than go out with my friends. Well, to be honest, my social life isn't that exciting.
Anyway... let's get to the point. Like all babies do, Baver had a breakdown when his mom walked out the door. I tried to distract him with the monkey toy that he seemed to love 5 minutes earlier but that didn't work so I took him to the piano, set him on my lap and started to play. I thought he might play along with me but instead he stopped crying, listened and watched, then fell asleep in my arms as I was playing. Maybe one of the most precious moments of my entire life! I just wanted to hit pause and stay in that moment for as long as I could.
It was one of those perfect moments where I held perfection and innocence in my arms. It was God's whispering reminder that this is what I'm preparing for. If I use this time wisely everything I do between now and motherhood could and should better equip me to love, protect and teach the spirits God will entrust to my care (not only the children but the husband as well).
It is no wonder the Lord counsels us to "becometh as a child". At that moment I could feel how pure and guiless Baver is. He put his trust in me to care for him and make everything safe and good for the time we were together. Likewise, all I have to do is put my trust in my Heavenly Father that he will make everything ok and just as it should be in my life. So, why do I have such a hard time believing that is true sometimes?


yet another reason for the "love" in my love/hate relationship with fergie

i love this video concept. very cool. and not a single spelled out word in this whole song. yeah, i kind of love it.

19 October 2007

guess who

guess who just bought tickets for Hawaii.

guess who will be in Hawaii in 2 weeks.

guess who will be staying there for 10 days.

hint... it's me.

ps- guess who absolutely LOATHES the new windows live hotmail & messenger. ME.

I hate it so much it makes my entire soul hurt.

Ews and Ahs

What I have to tell you makes me a) very proud, b) only slightly disguted and c) amazed that I don't feel more disgusted.

Let's talk about my hair. Yes, I have amazing hair but not for the obvious reasons (although it is also amazing for the obvious reasons. And yes, I realize saying that makes me sound very vain. But, I am vain. So it kinda works out.)

It's not uncommon for me to not wash my hair for 3-4 days after I've straightened it. Anyone with curly hair knows EXACTLY why this is an absolute necessity. First of all, straightening my hair is a pain and takes forever but I LOVE my hair when it's straight, so it's totally worth it. Secondly, 3rd or 4th day hair is always the best. Kind of like how brownies are always better the 2nd day... but I digress.

OK, here's the part where I'm amazed and slightly disgusted. I washed my hair on wednesday but went curly instead of straight. Curly hair usually only has 2 day limit MAX. But, I threw my hair up in a messy bun on wednesday evening AND HAVE NOT TOUCHED IT SINCE. I'm not kidding. I haven't done a thing to it. And the amazing part? It looks amazing. STILL. Last night I told Walker Texas Ranger Jr that I didn't do my hair that morning and she said I should try for one more day. And I did. Just kind of so I could say I did.

So, let's review. I ran 3 miles (and HEY! It wasn't hard and I didn't stop! 11 minute miles baby!), slept on it, showered (I really wish I could say more than once but I woke up really late this morning. Don't judge me), lived a day with it, slept on it again and my hair still looks like I meant for it to look like this! I'm amazing. And disgusting.

And yes I do plan on washing my hair tonight... or tomorrow... or sunday. Whenev.

And one more treat for your weekend- the best phrase I ever saw on my Facebook Wall: I'm kidding and also VERY serious.

17 October 2007

Red Shoe Sunday and Retail Therapy

OK I totally admit that my RS Presidency and I are TOTALLY INSANE. But, hey, we're totally fun! Sunday, October 21st is RED SHOE SUNDAY! We've encouraged all the sisters to wear RED SHOES just for fun. Yes, we're uniting the sisters one pair of RED SHOES at a time. It's gonna work. I'm convinced.

So I went to DSW to find a sexy pair of RED SHOES (because RED SHOES should always be sexy) but accidentally came away with these beauties:

Seriously, are those not the prettiest boots you've ever seen! I had to come home and try them on with all my skirts and dresses (and I'm still wearing them as I type this). Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at lunch!

Well, I didn't find a pair of RED SHOES at DSW so I had to order these babies online when I got home. I couldn't not buy them because they are sexy AND it was free overnight shipping. And 4-3/4" is SO not too high! I can't wait for sunday!
I'm thinking that I need a new dress to go with the new shoes.
I think this one is SO pretty!
But SERIOUSLY! Wouldn't this dress look so awesome with those RED SHOES?!?! If anyone knows where to get a dress like this that DOES NOT COST $355 let me know. It is so hot!

15 October 2007

2 days late but not a dollar short

In conference last week Elder Eyring spoke exactly of what I hope to accomplish through my weekly post.

O Remember, Remember - Henry B Eyring

I wrote down a few lines every day for years. I never missed a day no matter how tired I was or how early I would have to start the next day. Before I would write, I would ponder this question:
“Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us or our children or our family today?” As I kept at it, something began to happen. As I would cast my mind over the day, I would see evidence of what God had done for one of us that I had not recognized in the busy moments of the day. As that happened, and it happened often, I realized that trying to remember had allowed God to show me what He had done.

More than gratitude began to grow in my heart. Testimony grew. I became ever more certain that our Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. I felt more gratitude for the softening and refining that come because of the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ. And I grew more confident that the Holy Ghost can bring all things to our remembrance—even things we did not notice or pay attention to when they happened.

I had an awesome experience at Institute on thursday. It was one of the best classes I've ever been in, not because I was learning anything new, but because the Spirit was so strong. It was a testimony to me that the Lord's instruction to stand in holy places is to be taken literally as well as figuratively. As I was sitting in class I realized that it was by choice that I was there. I could have been doing a million other things that needed to be done but at that moment I felt there was no better place that I could have been. I've often heard in church lessons that we can keep ourselves out of trouble if we don't go certain places. But, how often do I consider the other hand wherein I can keep myself in line with the Spirit if I do go to certain places. It follows what Elder Oaks spoke of in conference last week about 'Good, Better, Best'.

I wish I could tell you everything we talked about but I won't. But this Ensign article is AMAZING!

As if the Spirit packed hour and a half of class wasn't enough, God, in all His great mercy, decided to drop a gem in my lap as I was leaving class. You see, for the last 2-1/2 years I've been serving as the RS Pres in my singles ward (clearly I still haven't gotten it right), which means it's my responsibility to minister to the spiritual and temporal welfare of the sisters. Honestly this is the best and hardest calling I've ever had. I love "My Girls" because in some capacity they feel like my children (and some of them almost could be since I'm a full decade *YIKES!* older than some of them). I'm in a constant state of worry about them so when I see or hear that they are on the right track I can't help but feel a sense of pride.

One of my first visiting teaching companions after I was called to this position was a sweet 19 year old who, for some reason or another, didn't always make it to Relief Society on Sunday. I knew from our visiting teaching experiences together that she had a knowledge and testimony of the gospel but still I was always especially concerned for her. Our ward split a while back and she was no longer on my list of sisters to worry about and it had been a long time since I'd seen her. Anyway... sorry, long explaination for a short story... So, thursday night after class I ran into her and got to chat for a bit. When I asked her what she'd been up to she told me she was getting ready to go on a mission to Romania. JOY! I was SO happy to hear that one of "my girls" (because once you are one you always will be one) is spiritually on track and preparing to serve the Lord as a full time missionary.

By no means would I claim to have anything to do with her decision to go on a mission (it's more likely that she's serving, not because of me, but inspite of me). But there is a part of me that feels the Lord giving me a pat on the back and saying, "Good job, kiddo."

12 October 2007


i know i'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon but it's not because i didn't want to. it's just that i haven't taken the time. until yesterday.

i've heard that 30 Rock is amazing and last night i watched a couple of episodes that nbc has posted online. Hilarious!

09 October 2007

Things I learned tonight

  • Don't try and dial your cell phone will trying to stop at a parking lot stop sign behind a Mercedes SUV because you might not stop fast enough and you might be buying that Mercedes a new bumper
  • My Jeep can kick a Mercedes ass (kind of literally) without a single battle wound
  • Don't try to double-side print stuff at 1am. Your brain isn't nearly awake enough to figure out how the paper is supposed to feed
  • When planning a Relief Society board meeting it's probably a good idea to not wait until the night before to do everything

07 October 2007

Healing Waters

Conference was amazing, as always. I was able to attend the saturday afternoon session and feel the amazing spirit that fills the Conference Center. I love that place.

I had a lot of time to ponder on my drive to and fro Utah. What occurred to me is that I need to be more grateful for the blessings of the Gospel in my life. So, every sunday I'll post something about how I've seen the hand of the Lord in my life that week.

There is so much I could share this week as I've decided to rededicate myself to daily scripture study, nightly prayers on my knees, more faithful service in my calling, etc. But, all that I will say tonight is that I know that Christ can heal me. He can heal my broken heart and comfort me. He can heal me from the effects of sin and help me to change to become more like Him.

I love this song and it pretty much describes how I'm feeling right now:

Healing Waters by Michelle Tumes
I've built a bridge
All of my strength cannot cross over
I stand at the edge
The end of a road that I have followed
Sinking from the weight of my own world
Wanting the waves of Your ways to wash my feet

Healing Waters
Solace flows
Through the river of forgiveness to my soul
Oh, I need You
Healing Waters

Pour over me
Water to clean all my intentions
Baptizing streams
I swim in the freedom of redemption
Floating on the sea of purity
Knowing I can dive in the love that rescues me

Memories are raging high
Floods so deep they touch the sky
All the things I've done to You
All the parts of life untrue
Healing comes from outstretched hands
Saving me from what I am
Carry me
*PS- If you buy this song off of itunes be sure to get the version on the "Thomas Kinkade: Music of Light" CD. I like it a lot better than the one on her CD and it is the same version used in the video "Small & Simple Things" made by the San Jose Mission.

04 October 2007

that's what she said

cafe rio and the office.
does it get any better than this?


We had book club again last night and our book of choice was Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I know I'm one of the last people to jump on this bandwagon but to be totally honest with you it's a bandwagon that I had no desire to jump on. I have this thing where sometimes if something is really popular I'm bound and determined to hate it. But, once I give it a try I usually end up loving it as was the case with this book. OK, loving it' might be a bit of a stretch but I really did like it and will definitely be reading the sequels. And Edward? SERIOUSLY! I'd become a vampire for him.

Unlike last month's book (Pride & Prejudice) we knew there probably wouldn't be too much in depth discussion with Twilight so our assignment was to create our perfect movie cast. I kid you not when I say there were PowerPoint presentations involved. We take book club VERY seriously. Anyway, I had so much fun coming up with my cast. Admittedly, not all my characters fit with Meyer's descriptions but they are how I imagine the characters to look. So, I hereby present you with my cast:

I had the HARDEST time casting Bella but yesterday I finally decided on Blake. She currently plays Serena on my new favorite trashy show Gossip Girl. Maybe Blake is a little too rational and un-klutzy to play the lead character but she's as close as I could find to what I imagine. I think I just really like this girl and want to see her in more stuff.

OK, I KNOW he's too old (wait... Edward is like 117...) to play Edward but he is exactly how I imagine our hero. I just can't at ALL picture Edward with light hair. No way. And beautiful Tom (seriously he's like the most stunning person I've ever seen and I really, really need to watch Smallville since I've never watched it) has the light eyes that fit Meyer's description. I really think Tom could portray the full range of emotions, behaviors, etc of Edward. Seriously! He's gorgeous!!

I stole this one from Tifani so I don't have much to say. But Sela seems to fit the physical image I have of Renee at least.

Gary is EXACTLY who I imagined from the first time Meyers mentions Charlie in the book.

For some reason (maybe because of the parental role they play) I imagine Carlisle and Esme to look a bit older than the "kids" even though as vampires they don't age. Anyway, Brad (even though I'm kind of sick of him) is my Carlisle because I think he'd make a really hot doctor and have great bedside manner.

Again, my character doesn't fit Meyers' description but I just imagine Esme to have a darker complexion and be a little more exotic looking. I don't know why. It's just how my brain works. I think Catherine would perfectly portray the softer, more nurturing image I have of Esme.

I think Susan (do you like how I'm totally on first name basis with all these people?) would be perfect because of her physique- long and sleek- and her ability to give a serious evil eye (as seen in just about every role she's ever played, which, I might add, is pretty much always the same bitchy character). Susan's complexion and hair color are more fitting to me for the character as opposed to the book's description.

OK, SWOON! I stole this one from Jessie and Tifani. But, this guy is hot.

I think Kate is just beautiful and I happen to like her voice as well. Give her a haircut (short and choppy, not pixie) and I think she'd make a really good Alice.

I had to steal this one from Jessie and Tifani as well but he is perfect for my vision of Jasper. I spent ALL day yesterday (I mean... I WORKED all day yesterday...) looking for someone who would match what I saw in my head but I couldn't find anyone. I was thinking Scott Caan but he's just too little and maybe too quirky. I've never seen Justin in anything (again, I REALLY need to watch Smallville) so I'm only going off his photo for this one. But, he's hot, so that's good enough for me.

I hate to think that little Timmy Riggins has an evil bone in his body (except that he's kind of a manwhore) but for some reason I think Taylor could be a really evil James. And having another hot guy in the cast is a very good thing. I have to give honorable mention to Jonathan Rhys Meyers who I really think could play James perfectly because for some reason I really do think he is evil... or ugly... or hot. I dunno. I mean, I liked him in Bend It Like Beckham but otherwise I think he's kinda weird.

I think he's so darling. Always have.

I mean, really, is there any other option? He's the token Native American in every movie that ever had a Native American in it. Anyway, he really is perfect for the role.

I love me some Matt Seracen. I think Zach would be so cute as Tyler. He's exactly what I imagined for this character. (PS, can you tell I'm excited for the season premiere of Friday Night Lights tomorrow night?)

There you have it. Though, I'm still on the search for a Jessica, Angela and Laurent.
So, what do you think? Who would you cast differently?

Also... I haven't started reading New Moon so DON'T GIVE ANYTHING AWAY especially about how the characters evolve.

happy hallowe'en

today at work as i was writing a letter i accidentally wrote the word "witch" when really what i meant to write was "which". who does that?!

i think the halloween season has possessed me.