27 May 2010

Summer of Fun Kickoff!


Know how to start of a good summer of fun?

*fireworks in the desert*

One good thing about living in Las Vegas is its proximity to Moapa. The only good thing about Moapa is the firework store. We happened by there the other night with the express intention of buying some explosives... but, shhh! They're illegal. Don't tell.

Tif got a really big sparkler.

I jumped over fire... succesfully.

Josh is a nerd. He creeps into photos. He can't jump over fire very well. Thus, it becomes imperative to shoot Roman Candles at him.

A small sampling of our goods.

10 May 2010

Is this a hurricane?

I never really want to do my long runs. Does anyone? I'm really good at talking myself out of them, justifying the need to postpone them (then never getting around to doing them) 0r just running out of time to do them. It's easy to do that when you don't want to do something.

This week's long run- 8 miles. Eight.

The facts:
a- I cannot run that far on a treadmill. Anything over 3 miles and that spinning belt makes me lose my mind.

b- I cannot run that far on the indoor track at the gym. Lit'rally running in circles should not apply to distance (and I use that term loosely) running (I also use that term loosely). Even if I could stand to go that far on a 6-1/4 laps/mi track I'm positive that after a few miles I'd lose count of how many laps I'd run and just give up.

The weather report in LV for what seems like forever:

Not just windy but scary windy. The kind of wind that blows garbage cans down the street, upturns trees (seriously, part of someone else's tree was in my yard the other day) and sounds like a horror flick.
Is there such thing as torrential wind?

My options:
a- Skip the long run this week. T minus 4 weeks 'til race day. Still plenty of time to train. This is the lie I tell myself.
b- Run. Run outside. Run in the torrential wind.

I decide to run before I skillfully talk myself out of going.

Laundry's not done so I grab my smelly pants, jogbra and shirt. At least I have clean socks (I think). Requisite wrist band... well turn that puppy inside out and it's so fresh and so clean (clean). Hydro belt: check. Ipod: check. Off we go.

My chosen route:
4 miles uphill. Turn around. 4 miles home.

Mile 1- Uphill. Just getting started. I'm always tired in mile 1. Wind sucks but it's too early to stop and walk.
Mile 2- Flat. In the groove. Good tunes. Holy gusty wind.
Mile 3 & 4- Fight! Fight the hill! Fight the wind! Wind sucks.

Here's the weird thing. I felt better, faster, stronger running uphill into the wind then I ever do on flat ground on a calm day. Why? Because I have to fight. It certainly isn't boring attacking the forces of nature. Plus, when I get home I get to post on facebook that I ran uphill into the wind for 4 miles and all my non-runner friends will be all "That's crazy! You are so awesome!"

Let's be honest for a second: Praise. That's a big part of why I run; so people tell me how awesome I am. I know I'm not awesome (yes, I am) but I sure do love hearing it (because I am) .

Mile 5 & 6- I swear this hill was steeper when I was running up it! But, I love the wind! It's lit'rally pushing me home. All I have to do is lift my feet and it basically does the work for me. Though, somewhere in mile 6 the wind makes me kick my own ankle. That hurt.
Mile 7 & 8- Feeling good. Almost home. Plus, the wind is still pushing me. This is so easy!

I did it. I feel awesome! Runner's high? I don't get that while I'm running. I get that as soon as I finish my run because I'm done! And I don't have to run anymore... until tomorrow.

Stats: 8 miles. 83 minutes.