30 April 2010

more tales from lunchladyland

...and then my coworker said, "i just yanked on that thing and it came!"
...and then i was all, "that's what she said."

29 April 2010

Stream of Consciousness: BOLD!

I was inspired my Marta's latest post about stream of consciousness writing.

I kind of can’t believe I did it. I also can’t stop with this boldness. It’s the new me!

I met a cute boy last weekend. I couldn’t stop looking at him, watching him in my peripheral. I even snuck (though it didn’t look too sneaky) a photo of him. Later that night I facebook stalked him (friend of a friend of a friend, you know). Yes, I’m a stalker, and a damn good one at that. I didn’t want that day’s meeting to be the last contact. After 3 days of deliberating and building up courage I decided to send him a message via facebook. I didn’t bother mentioning how I found him. He’s a guy. He probably won’t even wonder.

Once I made the decision to be uncharacteristically and ridiculously bold I acted. In fact I didn’t even spend time thinking about it because I knew I could talk myself out of it. I just did it. Bold and brazen. I emailed him, told him I’m up for getting together and left the rest to fate. We’ll see what fate does with it.

It felt good to be bold. So good in fact that I decided to be bold with 4 other boys- one I recently went on one date with, one I’d like to go on a date with, one from the past and one with whom I’ve never managed to get out of the ‘friendzone’.

I made a decision about an hour before I sent that first email. I am going to go after what I want. I’m going to make things happen in my life. When you look at all the really lucky people in the world there is one common trait. These are people who are not afraid to be bold and take risks. The risks don’t always pay off but sometimes they do. And those are great pay offs.

Of course, there is the likelihood that I’ll be rejected by some or all of these boys. And that’s ok because at least I’ll know. And once I know I’ll be able to close the door of wondering and move on, move forward.

How will YOU be uncharacteristically and ridiculously bold?

And just for funzies, here's a picture of my friends that i happen to fancy (the picture, not the friends, you know).

24 April 2010

Jacob & Lisa: give them a baby

Apparently this has turned into a Mom Blog. But, I'm not the mom.

Meet my dear friend Lisa and her husband Jacob (who I'm sure would be my dear friend if we lived anywhere near each other and spent any quality time together because the guy is awesome). There is a very special spot in my heart for these guys. I'm not sure why but you know when people come into your life and you just adore them? That's what happened when I met Lisa and subsequently Jacob.
These guys were just approved to adopt! Hurrah!
You can read their beautiful profile HERE.

Please, if you or anyone you know of is looking for some awesome parents, consider them. If I had a baby I'd give it to them because I'm 100% sure they will be way better parents than I could ever be!

06 April 2010

lover boys

As long as there are little boys in the world there will be reasons for me to fall in love.

While in Utah I fell in love with 2 new boys. What can I say? My friends make cute kids!

Sam. All 14inches and 1lb15oz of him. This guy decided to come 3 months early and is now fattening up in the NICU. Grow, baby boy! Grow!

Grey. He gives the best baby hugs I've ever had and even smacked an open mouth kiss on me. Ridiculously cute.

*totally stole these pics from his parents

5 days in UT + pictures = awesome

Everytime I leave Utah I think maybe I shouldn't be leaving. It's home and I love it.

Driving. Driving Driving.
I know it's super vain to post (mediocre) pictures of myself on le blog (even though it's my blog and I can do whatever I want) but, I just wanted you to see my blue hair because I love it. I'm so badass (not really).

My crazy Auntie Lu and Jane. Tongan dances... well there are just not words enough to discribe.
See what I mean? Seriously. Are you seeing this?! I didn't even try to be stealthy in order to get this picture.
My sis and me. We be good posers.
Meeting up with my favorite SuperBonBon. Love. Love. Love.
Bein' all cute and junk in downtown Provo.
Workin' it with the locals.
So much cotton candy! Cotton Candy with PopRocks! Genius!
Conference with the ladies.
Other really good stuff happened but I don't have pictures to prove it.

Dear Utah, you always treat me right. I'm ready to come back.

05 April 2010

Church of Calico

Did I tell you about the time we went to Calico Ghost Town?

The Black Widow summed it up nicely so you'll have to go here to check it out.
All I can say is: MAGICAL!

Jack, a Bible and a Smoking Gun

01 April 2010

Goodbye, Vegas. Hello, Utah.

I'm heading up north for a long weekend (me and all the other Mormons making the semiannual pilgrimage). Me, I'm just going home. R&R.

Thought I'd make a mix for the drive. I like driving alone but I need entertainment.

"This is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about"
1. Animal - Neon Trees *New fav band
2. Burden of Tomorrow - Tallest Man On Earth
3. Unloveable - Babybird *Soul wrenching, anyone?
4. We Will Walk - Matisyahu
5. All the Pretty Girls - fun.
6. Middle Distance Runner - Sea Wolf
7. Lasso - Phoenix *Have I mentioned how much I love Phoenix?
8. Float On - Modest Mouse *This song is on almost every single mix I make.
9. Fireflies - Owl City *Guilty pleasure
10. Walking On A Dream - Empire of the Sun
11. Hot Venom - Miniature Tigers
12. Spaceman - The Killers
13. Fire & Rain - Mat Kearney *Crush
14. Selfish Jean - Travis
15. I'm A Machine - Shark Speed
16. 1983 - Neon Trees
17. Rome - Phoenix *Seriously, I really like them!
18. Tik Tok (cover) - Air Raid Anthem *SOOO much better than the original

Most likely I'll just be listening to The Killers "Day & Age" and The Neon Trees "Habits" albums the whole way. I cannot get enough of them this week.

Email me if you want a copy of the mix. I'll send ya a disc.