27 March 2010

school is cool

The other day in lunchladyland a group of 1st graders was asking me what I'm doing for spring break.

me: I'm going to Utah!
girl: I'm going to Atlanta. (She walks away)
boy: (whispering) Doesn't she mean Atlantis?
me: No, sweetheart. She means Atlanta.

I love that I live in a world where people truly believe in mythical cities.

08 March 2010


The thing about it is...

I want to blog.

The problem about it is...

I don't know what to blog about.

So, what do you think?
What should I blog about?

04 March 2010


I just looked back over the last year+ of my blog.

Remember that I used to be funny? and fun? and 20lbs lighter?