03 January 2011

32 for 32 - recap

  1. stop putting off going to the grand canyon and go to the grand canyon already - Check! Best 4 hour drive to see a big hole I've ever taken. It's just too bad about the Frosty fob.
  2. read "Les Miserable" (unabridged) - Fail. I didn't even buy it.
  3. get rid of everything in my closet that doesn't reflect my true style (attempt replenishing) - Fail. I still hate almost all of my clothes.
  4. send Thank You cards - Fail. This does not mean that I was unthankful.
  5. quit at least one of my jobs - Check! Too bad I unquit. Now I just have to requit.
  6. ride a razor scooter in Europe - 1/2Check. I went. I saw an old man in a suit riding a razor scooter in Basel. Sadly, I did not ride a razor scooter while there. Bitchin' trip though! Please watch this video.
  7. piece a quilt - Fail.
  8. go to the temple monthly - Mega Fail. At least I went once. Yes. Just once. Oh man...
  9. learn to make stir fry like my mom - Fail.
  10. start a beach cruiser bike gang - Check! Best damn beach cruiser gang ever. We don't even need a beach! (Thank goodness the BlackWidow blogged everything for me)
  11. turn a photo into a jigsaw puzzle - Fail. Sad fail. But you should see my puzzle collection. I'm thinking about building a special closet for it.
  12. throw a fancy party - Fail.
  13. crash a wedding - Fail.
  14. go to calico ghost town - Check! Probably one of the most amazing days of my life.
  15. go to 20 concerts/live shows - Check. Too easy. Best of? Fun. And Keane.
  16. photoshoot at the dry lake bed - Fail. Meh.
  17. go to a play - Fail.
  18. have a mohawk... or fauxhawk - Fail. Didn't even have anywhere cool to wear one. Then again, isn't my life just a cool enough place to wear one?
  19. do tin foil dinners - Fail.
  20. keep my room clean for two consecutive weeks - Epic Fail. Couldn't even keep it clean for two consecutive days.
  21. post more pics on le blog - Fail. Ya know... cuz I didn't even blog.
  22. knit something - Fail.
  23. attend a photography workshop - Check! Very, very successful check.
  24. put shelves in my storage room - Fail.
  25. learn to play the ukelele - Check! I learned 3 chords. Which means I can play one song... which is probably one more song than you know.
  26. go hiking in Zion - Fail.
  27. watch a meteor shower - Fail. Did we even have one of those this year?
  28. go kayaking - Fail.
  29. road trip with just one other person - Fail. Unless you count driving across town.
  30. read the book of mormon in french - Fail. Again, I say: Oh man...
  31. pay off my car loan - Check! Getting the title in the mail was the second best piece of mail I've ever gotten.
  32. go to a rave - Fail.
9 of 32.
Considering the hell of a year it was I am actually amazed and proud that I even checked that many items off my list. Despite the hell of a year it was, it was a good year. A real good year.


rychelle said...

happy birthday!

is the list of 33 coming up next?

The Black Widow said...

My new year's resolution? Make a blog post about that gang of ours. I think I can get it done.