09 January 2011

33 for 33

I was sorely tempted to put "steal a baby" on this list (I've got my eye on a few of them) but I decided to keep things legal (at least for the time being).
  1. read the Book of Mormon in french
  2. ride a horse
  3. take my mom to Italy
  4. blog... regularly
  5. run 5 races
  6. get medical insurance
  7. piece a quilt
  8. go to Disneyland
  9. watch Gone With The Wind
  10. get out of debt
  11. go hiking
  12. meet my adorable, nice neighbor across the path
  13. buy new boots
  14. go to boston
  15. learn to shoot film
  16. form a running group (for slow people)
  17. go longboarding
  18. go skiing
  19. go to an aquarium
  20. go to a museum
  21. have a dinner party
  22. go to the Getty Villa
  23. bake bread
  24. fit into all the jeans in my closet
  25. finish reading the Little House on the Prairie series
  26. go to a pawn shop
  27. go camping
  28. buy from bountiful baskets
  29. have a "shooting strangers" day
  30. do a 52 week photo challenge
  31. skype with a far away friend
  32. memorize a few songs on the piano
  33. move (to austin. or australia.)


Bonnie said...

This is great, Christy! I did a 33 for 33 list last year...34 is now looming upon me :( Thanks for the reminder to go find this list and see how I did...I'm nervous... I really like the "move to Austin or Australia" goal...I promise to come and visit!

chelle. said...

i like the idea of a 52 week photo challenge...the photo-a-day is just too intense. one a week would be perfect.

i love your list, too. so many simple and fun things. i hope you get to do them all. and if you need help piecing a quilt, my mom works at a really fancy quilt store in henderson...she'd totally help you.

Ashley said...

Can I join your running group (for slow people)??? :) AND if you go to Disneyland can I come? Pretty much, can we hang out more? I love your list! :)

Nessa said...

Hmm . . . I see quite a few things on your list that we could do together like watch Gone with the Wind (and the sequel, if you don't mind) and I need to piece a quilt for Coral, which I have never done, but have already cut out some of the squares. I'm all in for baking bread. I use to do it and haven't and there were a few others. I know I'm super cool and you want to hang out with me all of the time, so . . . :)

Amander said...

Very impressed with the list. You'll have to blog with updates!

Janae Walker said...

well, i love your list. juust so you know, you can do many of those things here in d.c.! and the bonus is the museums are free :) you would just have to get a flight out here :) the races are super fun and we could run together, even ;)

oh, what did you put in the delicious bean dip/salad we had on new year's?

melissa said...

Ohhh, I really like your list! I may steal your idea for my next birthday. We'll see. And bc of Ragnar, you can cross the running with slow people, AND one of your races off. Ta da!! haha! And yes, please do make me a new running mix...I am in need :)